Selling my 5K+ pledge for sale, Have unit in hand ready to ship $750



I bought the 5K+ and 8K pledge so I could have them in hand to decide which one I wanted to keep. It was really a hard decision, both have their strong and weak points but I decided to stay with the 8K so my 5K+ is for sale. I was one of the last to receive the 5K+ units so all of the bugs have been worked out and it works just like it should, no light bleed, or bad plastic casing cracking, no dead pixels, mic and headphones jack is good, its a solid unit, see my review at the bottom. All backer items will be shipped to you from Pimax when they become available. So I will give you my username and password to my Kickstarter account so you can change my address to your address. Price is $750 plus shipping. Ill be using Fed Ex to ship anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. I can take PayPal but would rather a cashiers check. Heres my review

Sell your KS pledge for 8K and accessories here (or somewhere else, it's a free world)

How much for and is it just for the HMD or did you also get controllers?


Well, I sold my 5K+ yesterday. I originally backed the 8K and 8K-X, but switched from the 8K to the 5K+. A couple of days ago my loaner 8K finally arrived, and knowing that the 8K-X will not be an proof of concept, experimental unit any longer but should end up being the next best Pimax, I figured I did not need to hold on to the 5K+.

Apart from that, the money I get back will be spent soon, around 1st of May… :laughing: expensive times for VR enthusiasts, but it’s a good thing (unlike ‘Vive Pro-’ or ‘Xtal expensive’, which I would not consider worth my money as the price needs to fit the performance to some degree).


Yep I agree its an expensive venture when you have to have the BEST.
Im guessing you sold it on Ebay. I’ll let mine set here for a while and Craigslist too. I just hate paying Ebays extravagant fees unless I just have too.
I was flipping 2080ti cards on Ebay for a while but to sell a $1500 GPU card cost me $150 in Ebay fees, not even kidding, that was over half my profit!


Might sell my 5k+ too, waiting for Valve announcement.


Maybe sell even before…


I sold a few things on Ebay over the years. Last time I did it I was shocked at how much of my money they took. I wouldn’t do it again and or I would arrange payment outside of Ebay.


Indeed, that cost and the fact that I didn‘t pay attention to the category ebay somehow selected (Smartphone VR !) didn‘t help either because while placing my auction in that category it would automatically limit any buyer‘s search results to the PC category so mine didn‘t show up. Thank’s a bundle ebay. Unfortunately I only noticed too late, a few hours before the end of the auction and couldn‘t help it anymore.

But okay, who knows, perhaps the value will drop in 3 weeks and I will be okay with the amount I got.


bump, bump, bump…


Maybe not appropriate to post in a thread where you’re selling its rival, but can you state what reasons you prefer the 8K please? PM me your response if you like.


Where would you recommend I put this thread, there is no 5K+ thread and there are thousands of 5K+ related posts in the 8K.

I like the SDE and color better on the 8K


You misunderstood what I meant. I was getting at, it wouldn’t look good in the thread where you’re trying to sell the 5K+ stating why the 8K is better. It might deter prospective buyers. Hence why I said PM me your thoughts.


Oh I gotcha! thanks!