Selling Price of Starvr One Announced! $3200. Very interesting


For “devs” right now, but basically anyone can get it if they want to. Wonder if it has automatic support for all Steamvr games, since their eye tracking distortion profile adjusting only works on one or two of their own tech demos. Excited to hear reviews and hand on impressions.

Anyone planning on getting it?


NICEEEEEE, going to get this ASAP :slight_smile:


OMG please test this on ALL major vr games, really curious if they will have any distortions cause eye tracking won’t be supported for them (supposedly for now)


Mate please…let your other single kidneey left to rest too…You’re spending too much :frowning:


okay i sell my car i want one!


No but it tempting to get s mortgage on the landlord’s place. :laughing:


Hmm you need to register as a dev, tell them about your VR project etc and then MAYBE they’ll select you and sell you the unit … Doesn’t sound like they’re ready for mass production yet


No but honestly it’s a decent price. Not as expensive as i thought (aka $5k lol…) i’ll really consider it if it works well on all vr games. But let me try my 6xxx pimax first hehe


Agreed, I had expected somwhere $5000-$6000. This 3k price is still in reach for the serious VR gamer. It seems that’s what they’re aiming for (corporate + high end of gaming market)


Explicit mention of SLI support as well as VRworx for the SDK make this sound extremely interesting.

Price is pretty up there, but I’m currently considering 5x that for a projector upgrade, so well.

Not gonna move on it until we have some feedback on non-optimized content through SteamVR though.


WOAHH are you building an imax theater lol?? Link the projector i’m curious :sweat_smile:


If the front-end/ecosystem is good with Stean VR support I might be interested too.
But is it still worth the money? 5-6 x Pimax 5K+ price it’d have to be flawless.


Sony 760 ES or 870ES


Yeah well thinking too. If StarVR works on all vr games and better than expected, im really considering selling my Pimax when it arrives and buy this instead <3


Minimum System Required: Windows 10 64-Bit, Pimax 8K probably Windows 7.


Tell them you’re going to reverse engineer their firmware and open up the HMD immediately to post the company secrets online, maybe they’ll choose you :wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


BOOYA! This price is very doable!!!

Eyetracking and custom oled!


This is no more expensive than a projector. Awesome!


You may reach ~ 5000$ when they apply taxes, duty, transport + insurance.
Also they seling only to selected 32 countrys. (USA , Janpan & EU zone)

As a former audipohile this price is just like one monoblock but hey problem is that in next 1~2 years someone may do something similar or even with better res. for half or 3x less. Money burning electronic is not my style :slight_smile:


Starvr not hyped at all, ahum. Its not even tested outside there own optimal setup…