Selling Price of Starvr One Announced! $3200. Very interesting



Bazooka price style


Yata. This price is very realistic considering the technology involved. Any serious VR simmer should consider it. You would only need to sell your old headsets to offset the price

Your right though. We have no idea what Valve will announce. Unlikely it will be 200 FOV but he resolution is still a question mark. At least were guaranteed 2019 will be a fantastic year for VR!


Lies. They said the same for 2018 and pretty much nothing mind blowing happend. Only that HTC pumped up the prices more for some shitty headsets.


You are right serious simmers should consider it, but still not enough datas for decision. Already spent some thousands for rig but all devices was. reviewed and dedicated for us. This stuff will support bussines first and then individuals dots which may complain that this game or this sim is badly supported…


Hmm not sure I agree. I think the only HMD that was promised us for 2018 but never materialized was the Kopin/Goertek Elf VR. Other than that not sure which was promised for 2018 that didn’t happen? Now several display panel companies promised really nice new gen of panels Q1 2019 and now that StarVR start selling this, I do agree that the near future looks bright.


What are you on about, you can buy it now.


I hope it has an option to change fov sizes.


Huh? You kiddin right? Tho im a programmer myself, im no VR developer. Even if ill fill their form there are like 1% chances to be choosen from a bunch of guys that already applied. Pretty much the real companies will have priority. Add the base price + tax + more taxes and you easily get to 5000$. No thanks, not yet. Gonna wait for some real consumer reviews and maybe when price includes taxes aswell.

Pretty sure they put the base price that low without taxes just to hype a bit the high-end consumer. Its a pass for now to be honest.


Did you not read what you wrote?

When did they claim that you could buy the StarVR One? Please point me towards the lie on their website.


Huh, pretty much any dev can buy it…dont u see? -.-


Has SteamVR support been confirmed?


1)This is dev price not mass production unit price.

2)Dev units will lack quality and or features the model ready for public consumption will have.

3)Once it’s ready to be sold they can ramp the price up at the last minute, citing demand as the cause as it’s a niche product for wealthy buyers, not kids asking mom to get them a bargain priced PS4 bundle.


So might be a dev special price with an NDA & they need devs to help work on possible compatibility issues.


Unless it’s a developer incentive price & the consumer price higher.


Plus from what I hear is coming not good StarVR only has apples in Nvidia.


Steamvr support was confirmed & demoed.


So it’s possible to get StarVR One before Pimax 5K+/8K. RGB Amoled, full human eye FOV and eye-tracking. Sounds to me like the real Gen 2.


Except this is a dev release & not a full release. So no where in site yet to buy.

Plus with Valve’s restrictions on LH v2.0 sales one will need their own LHes.


The “lie” he was referring to was about valve lying that they will release something for vr in 2018 (the 3 vr games/a vr headset/knuckles) which they didn’t. He wasn’t talking about the starvr…


After tax and shipping, it will be pretty close to 5k