Selling Price of Starvr One Announced! $3200. Very interesting


Didn’t know he tested it… :wink:



The 1600 from what I know would be to calculate vertical ppd.


well , our influencers said the same thing a year ago about Pimax, just check old v2/v3 vids.
They knew how to gather attention. I will be carefull this time, especially when we talking about 3k $ devices…


more vertical ( 20 char…)


To be fair, sending headsets to developers is less about testing the headsets than it is about testing the developers’ software. Sending to someone like Sweviver is more about building hype (except in Pimax’s case).


He had an hour. I could have crossed all my checkboxes in 30 seconds.


Yeah that does bring up some questions.


Thanks. I meant more in lines of horizontal lines. Or Vertical res. If you look at competitors this seems to be the res that holds importance to shrink the sde. Vs the horizontal res.


In seb’s video you can see steam vr running in the background (with the tell tale list of green items shows which devices are connected)


exactly, they want to make sure key people get their software working


my guess would be that the 5k+ might have the edge when it comes to details people want in sim’s like DCS or tactical shooters
the 5k+ has more resolution and both have stripe full rgb, so no advantage for the starvr one as its claimed often when compared to pentile oled’s, the 5k+ has the higher subpixel count (and starvr one is pointing out to count subpixels)
i think at best they will be even in details, both having a wide fov and the better fov of the starvr one will not be enough to counter the 4-5 times more in price (at least for most vr gamer)
the anti sde might be nice but still 4-5 times more to pay? i guess the 5k+ sde will not be THAT bad (i will see 8k/5k+ for myself in less the 2 weeks when attending the meetup in the Netherlands)

maybe the starvr one’s price is more aimed to arcade’s and to counter the xtal, the lower price range (and higher volume in production) might be covered by acer’s next hmd with tech from starbreeze

maybe starbreeze is more interested in development and wants to go for even better tech and acer just took off the burden of having to slow down development and invest resources in production and selling to finance new developments


looks more like samsung and starbreeze (not known yet who delivers the panels) have shown how to solve the sde problem without a insane amount of pixels that no gpu can handle
as the market for vr grows it will also make room for real/dedicated vr panels
not being dependent on displays mainly aimed for phones means also the ability to address problems as needed for vr (no phone maker will need a sde less display, phone users usually don’t use strong lenses on there phones display)


Starbreeze sold control to Acer. As to whom has made the custom panels is not known. Samsung hasn’t done anything new save from what they said added the difusion filter to the oled panel during manufacture.


what source can you offer that acer is in control?


Under the new agreement, Acer will inject USD 5 million into the joint venture and increase its interest to 66.7%. Starbreeze will be relieved from its remaining capital commitment of USD 7.5 million and its interest will be 33.3%.

Starbreeze continues to hold StarVR-related intellectual property rights, including patents and trademarks related to InfinitEye, StarVR (headset), ePawn and the StarVR SDK (Software Development Kit).


If they sell units to reviewers like sweviver its obvious they want the “prosumer” market. Time will tell. At least these units are ready to ship. We should have reviews anytime soon



Acer took the majority in the joint venture, not he majority of starbreeze

if you read it carefully
“… $10 million has already been injected into the company in equal amounts by both Acer and Starbreeze…”
10 mil by acer and starbreeze into the “company” aka the joint venture

so no, acer just gets some rights to use stuff owned by starbreeze and the later still keeps it’s IP

my link is better, i win :wink:


No different from when chrysler owned Lamborghini & released the dodge viper as a result.


Never said they took control of starbreeze but starvr interest.