Selling Price of Starvr One Announced! $3200. Very interesting


This news makes me very sad :frowning:


Altough they’re now trying to enter the gaming market to show their product, with a killer AAA game title, and hopefully attract interest of companies and developers.

I’m now wondering if Pimax could somehow acquire them in some way, this would surely lead them to become the absolute king in VR market :sunglasses:


That would be awesome, but I doubt they have the capital to acquire them =/


VR consortium should buy & opensource the lens research.


Somone like Palmer Luckey could buy Star VR and team up with goertec for mass production. It’s a pitty that Rift CV1 was as far as he got


Hell no. Pimax would surly find a way to screw up Star VR


Can’t do worst than StarVR’s current adminstration. :wink:


Lucky might need another Zuckerberg. Lol


I doubt StarVR’s commercial value is more than an handful of million $ , it is a very small company and began like a startup…should be no problem for a mid level investor to acquire.

Just let’s hope that not the likes of Zuckenberg nor Nvidia will acquire them…they would surely screw them up to rubble and throw the resulting pieces to the marketing sharks…

As history has taught, the biggest names always destroy any too far sighted innovation, because it would put an end to too many existing products they are currently selling :angry:


And the hits just keep on coming…


Ouch! Not good at all.


Shit! My only hope is that a reputable manufacturer buys them out and mass produces star vr one at a better rate. $2500 for the headset only would be realistic


Oh so that’s it. What next?


That’d be reasonable price for a near flawless personal VR experience.


Maybe Nintendo will buy them. :smirk:

Or SegaVR might come to fruit as an alternative.


LOL I’ll take that bet :stuck_out_tongue: