Sent the WRONG headset now being IGNORED by DerekVVV [SUPEN-3815] Backer 6056



I’ve done everything I’ve been asked to do including sending in pictures of the 5K+
Sorry to call out Derek but I need someone else to take over this Issue, please.

Backer 6056
@Dallas.Hao @mozi @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @PimaxUSA


Oh man 3x SUPEN tickets and still not solved ?. Even my wife will react rightly … :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear about your situation.
The chinese staff is most likely not manning their keyboards because of labor day vacation this week(which they should have announced)


Agreed they need to announce scheduling as majority of us don’t celebrate Chinese Holidays.


yea i expect it could be that but, this has been going on for a few weeks 4 days since the last message… it would be great if i could just pick up the phone and get this sorted


I’ve sent 5 tickets over the last couple of weeks.
One replied telling me to watch my mouth when i got angry, the rest ignored. So i know they read the damn things. They didn’t even help me in the reply just told me to shut up basically.
mongrel scammers.


@Dallas.Hao can you look into this? Please post your supon number. Consumers do have rights & options. Or are you a backer?


@heliosurge I am not a backer, i ordered the IN STOCK pimax on April 22nd.
I can’t find the other 3 because i either deleted or they didn’t send the confirm ticket email.
But i have done at least 5 over the time.


I preordered mine on the first day of preorders in October and still don’t have it. Quit your whining


You are saying he should stop protesting because you didn’t get your product in 8 months, so he should wait 8 months like you then protest, or are you saying never protest at all?

I waited two months, can i protest?


Similar situation here, Derek is saying i am harassing him and he is insulting me, and i never used any bad language.


They are obviously behind, no amount of swearing at the customer service is going to get the units produced faster, everyone is in the same boat - this is what you signed up for backing a small Kickstarter funded company and not staying with your vive


As he said, he is not a backer or kickstarter, neither am i. Speaking for myself, I was just looking for an upgrade and i see this, checked the reviews and bought it, i wasn’t even aware pimax existed, their website says in stocks and delivered in 6-10 days.

Anyway, these are irrelevant because what they are doing is called scamming. If you accept it its your problem, don’t tell people not to defend their rights just because you don’t.

Btw, i never insulted or sweared at anyone, i just informed them that i will go legal ways for if they don’t refund, and i get insulted, not the other way around.


It’s a small company that blew up to totally unexpected levels, I’m not a backer either but there is no other alternative other than to wait if you want the product, so stop being dickheads and settle down


@Bigdaddy well I ordered an in stock item that said get it by May 5th.
I move house May 29th and can’t get back here, I also heard the courier they use in Australia is unable to redirect.
I’m so sorry if you think I should wait, I paid for a service and haven’t been given it. Hence this thread.


My point is nobody else has either, and when you continue to act like an adolescent moron you will be treated like one, be patient and calm and good things will come to you


@Bigdaddy I didn’t know this till after ordered it. Check the forums and wow everyone has issues, shame.
If I go to a website and it says in stock and receive it by this date I usually trust it. Mistake I accept.

Just waiting doesn’t work for me if you actually read my reply.

Also calling people names and being a dick only shows you to be of low intellect, have some productive comments or maybe get off the internet.


We all got promised delivery that hasn’t happened yet, I’m not defending pimax, I’m just saying you’ve waited about the least of anyone. It sucks but unless you want to shell out for an xtal - consider this your punishment for being poor


So if you receive something other thsn what is ordered; you will be okay with it? Maybe the pimax 4k?


Being poor? not likely, i’d have bought the Star VR if they didn’t go belly up and halt production.
Missed the Valve index, sold out till August now, which might still be faster than this rubbish.

Oh wow i didn’t even know XTAL existed till you mentioned it. I’d order one but i doesn’t say steam VR compatible? They don’t really have any info about gaming or Hz either. but the rest of the specs are impressive.