Seoul VR AR Expo 2018 until 4.22


Anyone in Seoul?

Our Korean partner is exhibiting v5 for us at the event SEOUL VR AR EXPO 2018 this weekend.

주소 : 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Location : Coex 3F Hall C

Booth no. : C07

5K/8K Official Updates

Whose in charge of marketing to choose v5 & not M1 because the strategy should be to demonstrate the best iteration or not at all.

No one wants to see a repeat of CES 2018.


I have already heard about V5 from the Korean VR community.

I think it would have been better if it was a Pimax 8K M1. But thank you.


If All M1 sending to backers so what’s option they have ?


If it is the same V5 which was demoed in January, then Pimax will generate negative PR.

But Pimax will not be THAT stupid, so I bet it is a modified V5 where they have e.g. fixed the tracking issues with the unfortunate cover material, etc…


Any reports of problems same as CES? Cheers!


found this link . i think its a live stream but dont know if they will show pimax.


M1 is the first issue of mass production tools, V5 is the hand-made prototype, I hope they send a fixed V5, not the CES version


V5 was produced on the mass production line. It was the reason given for some of the problems at CES. They hadn’t fine tuned the mass assembly process. As to V5 showing in Korea, they had resolved much of the issues from CES with the V5 even before M1 which has the new lenses. I wouldn’t be concerned about it having the same issues, just look at the 'though the lens" videos done on v5.



Can you please confirm you are showing the M1 and not the broken CES model?


Wouldn’t that make it the V6 dude?


She said that their partner is exhibiting v5.


What is that circle with small holes at the front bottom right of the headset, mic ?


You’d have to ask Pimax that one. Don’t think I’ve ever been a dude.


This is a bit tricky - what exactly is the V5 ?

To go back in history, as far as I can recall (there is a lengthy Pimax post from early 2018 where they recapitulated the history, too lazy to search for it now), V1 will have been the prototype shown during CES 2017, then in summer the KS campaign roadshow utilized V2, V3 being announced to hit the US shows towards the end of the KS campaign, but it saw delays and I believe it was only shown in NYC (?). V4 has never been shown in public, V5 was then featured at CES 2018.

Since then it seems that they have undergone 3 substantial retoolings for the lenses, yet they still seem to refer to the prototype as V5. But, perhaps all of the current activities actually do not affect the V5 prototype, but are only (failed) try-outs to establish the M1. So the V5 could in principle still be the same faulty piece of hardware shown in January - but you can bet that they did apply some fixes, surely for the tracking issues which likely came down only to the material chosen to cover the sensors. If this were true, it would mean that all of the videos shown with V5 actually use the lenses prior to the 3 failed M1 tooling attempts.

But what does the above assumption mean for the lenses ? If the V5 does not use mass production lenses yet, they should have been as good as the V2/3 lenses, i.e. with a sweet spot reaching almost to the rim of the lenses. However, the latest videos seem to suggest that the sweet spot has narrowed quite dramatically - in that case it would appear that they have actually shot the videos through the newer inbetween V5 / M1 prototypes. If that is the case, I just hope they can get the lenses back to a sweet spot as shown with V2, and they would be absolutely correct in assessing that they better do not release the 8K with such dramatic reduction in performance of the lenses. I accept that the mass production lenses may not be exactly as good as the V2 lenses, but if they go back to a sweet spot comparable to the Rift the 8K would have lost one of the major improvements it provides over the 1st generation of VR goggles. That would be quite disappointing.

After having tried it out, I expect from the Pimax 8K the following substantial improvements above the Rift/Vive level:

  • greater resolution
  • greater FoV
  • lesser/no SDE
  • greater sweet spot (covering almost the entire visible area)

That is a pretty short list. But all of these are important, primary qualities of a VR HMD. If one of them goes back to 1st gen level, it will be a blow. It would not mean that the HMD is useless, but it would diminish its significance to a certain degree.