Serious Paypal question.

I heard about Pimax from reviewers and went to pre-order and found no info on ETA … this has changed since.

But I noted that the ETA (estimated Time of arrival) was beyond the 45 day protection period offered by Paypal?

Most reputable companies usually charge the card when a pre-order enters the shipping process. After reading closely I note this is not the case with Pimax. (And Pimax was offering for pre-order further very expensive items such as RTX 2080 GPU’s?)

All the above made me concerned, as you are taking large amounts of money, with no protection for the consumer, other than your word?

so I read the terms and conditions of Paypal.


A pre-sale item is advertised for sale before the seller actually has the item. Often, these items are sold before they are available to the general public.

A seller might use the money from the pre-sale of an item to purchase the item.

PayPal permits pre-sales on a limited basis as long as the seller:

Guarantees shipment within 20 days from the date of purchase.
Clearly identifies the item as a pre-sale.
Provides proof, if needed, that they can successfully deliver the product (supplier information, purchase invoices, shipping information, or delivery confirmation).

Without repeating a huge amount of warnings … I’ll just include one quote.

QUOTE … ‘PayPal’s window for filing a dispute is only 45 days long. According to PayPal policy, a company is not supposed to let you use PayPal for pre-orders longer than 20 days out, but if they do and the product never gets delivered, PayPal won’t be able to do anything at all for you after 45 days.’