Settings For My PC



I have an I5 8600K @ 5.3 , and a gtx 1080ti. What should i set my rendering or super sampling to?


It varies from game to game, some games are optimised for Vr and others aren’t so it’s very much down to the game. At the moment Pitool doesn’t support different profiles for each game which is a bit of a bummer.


i’ll be using it only in iRacing and Elite Dangerous.


I have mine full up for elite in pitool .95. I think actually turning down the windowed mode resolution made the game run better with elite too it was 1920x something I tunred it down to 1080x and I swear that VR ran better I know it shouldn’t but it did. There are some aliasing issues with the COBRA engine as well, it’s inherently jaggy and badly aliased, I managed to get it looking really nice, but only after a few hrs of constant tinkering :wink:


I generally leave SteamVR Vid setting to Auto SS & use the per game ap override.

FpsVR is good for fine tuning.

A lot of use use the in game ss options. @EarlyBackers


@Dallas.Hao please add him to early backers group.


Do you also adjust Pitool rendering resolution per game, I guess you do as everyone is but I thought maybe now that with the new updates things might be done differently…


Truth like Sweviver generally leave pitool & steam ss at defaults & mainly use in game settings.

Or sometimes per ap setting in steam (mainly due to you can set it & forget it) :beers::wink::+1::sparkles: