Several issues with a new Pimax 4K, please help!


So I finally tried out my new Pimax 4K yesterday and am a bit irritated still.

First off the device was very dusty when I opened the package, even the covered lenses where dusty, but as far as I can tell there luckily seems to be no dust on the inside of the device.
Admittedly I am not entirely sure if I got an actual new device or one that had been returned before.
Amazon claimed that it was new, when I purchased it though, so I still assume it is a new device.
But I read here in the forums, that quite a few people also received very dusty products. So is this normal?

Something else I noticed is a grid of little red dots that are noticeable on dark/black background. Interestingly only on approximately the right third of the right eye, and only at a specific angle. Unfortunately I naturally achieve this angle, when I wear the HMD and I guess my brain fills the full vision field with this red dot grid when the area you see is black. And since I mostly want to use the Pimax 4K with Elite Dangerous this circumstance is really annoying and immersion-destroying.

Another problem is, that my vision is somewhat blurred when I use the HMD. Especially on the left eye.
I tried cleaning the lenses but to no avail. I am wearing glasses under the HMD, and there is no way I can not use those, because that would result in even more blur. Even though I have not tried this, my real life experience tells me as much. :wink:
Also the field of view is seriously small. Is that normal?
So can this issue be caused by my wearing glasses, and therefore can’t be helped, or is this just a question of finding better settings? If it is settings, maybe that could help with the red dots too?
Or can it be, that the lenses are “off/defective/whatnot”?

Last but not least: The drift of the glasses in Elite Dangerous is insane! Is there a way to make this more bearable? Can one combine this with head tracking via camera?

Sorry for the long post, this kind of turned into a rant. But I am really close to returning the Pimax 4K. I am just not sure if I should label it as defective due to the red dots and blurry vision. But if I return it I still might consider purchasing the 8K or 5K later on though. But if my glasses are part of the problem I probably should stay clear.
So I am really interested in your input on all those points above. Thanks in advance! :smiley:



Hey @Camael

Please post details of where you purchased the 4k. It sounds like they sent you a unit that was returned
with the headset being covered in dust. The red dots sounds like possible hardware failure.

I have poked support.

Support will lilely want the following info

E Vendor.

System specs
Windows ver
Headset first 3 serial
Firmware ver & piplay ver.


Hey @Heliosurge, thanks for your response.

As mentioned I purchased the HMD via Amazon (Germany) where the seller appeared to be PimaxVR themselves and the delivery was handled by Amazon.

My System Specs:
Windows 7 SP1
Intel Core i5-4690K
nVidia Geforce GTX 960 (Driver: 390.77)
HMD Serial: 100…
PiPlay v2.0.7.54


Well on the good news you didn’t get it through gearbest. So if needed an exchange shouldn’t be a huge hassle.

Do you have a link for the vendor? Either way the headset should not have arrived in that condition.


@Heliosurge is right… Defiantly should not be covered in dust! Fov should be around 110deg, similar to wearing a ski mask. Not sure about red dots but I do remember another forum user saying they had red dots and it turned out hardware issue… Can’t find the post though… Maybe helio can find it using his mod powers?? :slight_smile:

I use my 4k for ED almost exclusively and I love it… Immersion is off the scales!

Maybe we can meet up in open when your set up.

I will be doing a 4k video through the lens shortly on ED as it is a popular visitors request



This was the thread


Thanks @Heliosurge @Enopho

@Camael, sorry for inconvenience.

All units should be checked and packaged well in our factory and then sent to Amazon warehouse. Please let me know the first nine number of the series number on the headset, thanks.

Regarding “a grid of little red dots”, please take a photo or small video about that, it will be better for our further estimate.

Regarding the blur issue, have you adjusted IPD (Interpupillary Distance) in Piplay setting? Is it reading glasses or myopia glasses you wear?

Regarding drift issue, you may calibrate the headset and use “Recenter” button as per the tips in Piplay setting.

Anyway, we will help you to replace it or refund if it’s a defective one. Looking forward to your reply. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response @Pimax-Support!

The serial starts with 100 711 741

I managed to take a decent photo of the red dot issue. Its at an angle, but the motive makes the orientation obvious enough.
You can clearly see the dots on the right side. And even though the picture becomes brighter on the left you can see that the dark parts do not really show the dots occurring.

Yes, I did fiddle around with the IPD settings and i thought I set it up just fine. I am not entirely sure though, since I really have no experience with HMDs. Also the field of view seems to be more like 80° or so. Definitely not 110° as @Enopho stated.

I have to wear my glasses due to corneal irregularity and hyperopia, so no.

I do not think that it is feasable to remove the glasses and alt tab into PiPlay to click that recenter button every minute or so. Is there a way to create a shortcut? Or maybe a button combination on the HMD itself? Like pressing both volume buttons at once? I could not find anything in that regard.

Anyway, thank you for your help.


If you run Unity Chan in Piplay press spacebar. Its a demo. According to Unity chan it runs between 95 & 97 fov. Now with having to wear glasses your fov maybe reduced somewhat due to space between lens & eyes.


This looks like a defective unit to me


Hi, thanks for your feedback.

It seems that the display has a problem, not sure whether it’s a defective one or transportation results this issue. Please apply a ticket from Amazon about the refund, sorry for inconvenience.

Usually we recommend users with myopia over 3 diopters or presbyopia to wear the prescription glasses to experience the headset.

Yes, the product manager is considering this feature about the shortcut of “Recenter”, thanks.


Thanks for the feedback!
I will return and refund the device then.

Well, now I have to make up my mind whether I want to get a replacement or wait for the 8K and get one of those. As mentioned the restricted FOV also is a bit off-putting to me. Probably because I have been using an ultra-widescreen monitor for years… :smirk:


We’ve been requesting that feature for a good long time now, I hope it works out.