Shadow or ghosting in pimax4k




I just got my pimax 4k and I realized there is a lot of ghosting or shadow when I move my head. It has gone to point that it affects the overall experience and causing discomfort. Any one has the same issue and how is it fixed?


Ghosting or after image from head rotation us unfortunately fairly normal. Some games like Ethan Carter with vr dlc is pretty good.

Skyrim might also be decent for ghosting.



Yea if you’re new to the 4K I understand your surprise but the 4K is great in terms of SDE, all the rest isn’t exactly top notch.

But some driver versions are better with ghosting issues than others. And the latest one isn’t necessarily the best version either.


Fully uninstall current Piplay and install Piplay 1.1.92, ghosting will be less but compatibility may suffer depending on desired apps/titles.

Performance seems better as well.