Shipping Problem (still)



My Backer number is 2831 and im still waiting for my headset. Pimax sent it but failed to give DPD all the documents necessary for the shipment to go over the Swiss border. Because they forgot to send the tracking number to i only found out 1 MONTH after initial shipment and only because I made several requests at the support center. I’m tired of always waiting at least 3 days for some uninformative answer.
Now I contacted DPD again, and they said there is no order under my name and old shipping address even though pimax said it would be.

I can’t believe that they lie on top of the sheer incompetence.

Pimax lost face



I do not want to break your spirits, but you’re not ready to receive it …
I had my tracking dpd for geneva March 4, after 1 week left back stoke a uk, then china direction … malgrer my mail and telophone dpd, nothing to do … pimax to let drag, a answer by week and nothing more.
Then left in China … I wait for the logistics send me by boat again since March 25th it did not change.
I am waiting for a mozi mail to give me more info to have a date + or -
I had documents missing for customs clearance …
Contact Mozi, and insist deeply, but you can prepare your spring without your helmet I think …
I am a pre order 1224xx
Good luck.


Pimax is giving DPD incorrect addresses. DPD failed a delivery on my end too. I had to call them and get it sorted.

Thankfully I had tracking. So I was able to call quick while it was still in my country but the street was some weird Italian stuff (I don’t live in Italy)

Finally arrived yesterday and it’s not even the correct unit type.


No company can be in a such level of incompetence, they must be scammers.


open a ticket for me,