Shipping time for new 4K


Hi, So i purchased a 4K y’day with new year discounts, & i can’t wait to try it out :sunglasses:

I want to know;

  1. How long you take to ship my 4K?
  2. Do you provide tracking?




The vendor that sold you the 4k model should have shipping info. Which channel did you order from?


I bought it from your website,

I received the receipt of payment, but not yet the shipping details or any update


Well not my website. I am a community moderator.

Awesome. Support will be able to help get you details for sure. Due to time will likely have a response within 12hrs from now.


hahah ,

Okey i’ll wait


Hello,thank you for supporting Pimax. We plan to start ship in 7-14 working days and want to ship the headsets to you as soon as possible.
For any inquiries and questions regarding your order, please contact our support team:
Have a nice day!


I’m the same way I ordered from the same website almost 2 weeks ago and still nothing even after emailing them I haven’t gotten a response in a week. I put a stop payment on this item due to poor customer service.


Hi,sorry for the shipment that makes you unpleasant. Since the logistics agents are on holiday because of Chinese Spring Festival vacation and the accumulation of goods, the delivery speed is affected.
Please be patient and hope for your understanding.:slight_smile:


It took them around 3 weeks to ship. Same thing happened to me but i luckily didn’t cancel the payment.


Well I’m impatient this was an impulse buy in the first place. It’s like having to wait 3 months to eat psss I’ll just go somewhere else to eat.


Thats the unfortunate thing about web purchases & mail order. Impulse purchases are easier to satisfy with walkin stores.

Pimax doesn't deliver

I also bought one around 3 weeks ago from pimax’s website but i don’t know how to check my order nor how to get information about wheter it has been shipped already or not. Could i get some help, please?



Hi,sorry for your inconvenience. With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the express delivery is slowly returning to normal.
Please be patient and hope for your understanding.


Ok, thank you.
I would also like to ask where can i use the tracking number i just received to get more information about the shipment.


Hi, regarding the tracking number, please send more detailed information about your order to our mailbox:
We are willing to check it for you.Have a nice day!:slight_smile:


Ok, i will do. Thank you and have a nice day too n.n



we ordered about 6 months ago via kickstarter (4K).

How long does it take approximately?