Shipping to Germany?


if I understand it correctly Pimax is building up slowly an European presence as well (e.g. Head of UK was newly appointed). Are you going to have German shipping with minimal costs and no hassle with customs? I think everyone would also expect a fair conversion USD->EUR, e.g. 999 USD is currently 870 EUR. I think you really should address the German market specifically as we have 84 mln wealthy people here, with lots of early adopters and tech fans :). Number one market in Europe.
Please advise, when you plan to introduce local shipping and local pricing for Germany, thanks. Customs is a big hassle/issue here, so a lot of people will not buy Pimax solely because of this and because of unclear warranty in such case.
Thanks, looking forward to buying your devices locally soon ;).



Thanks for the hint!! April sounds pretty far away though…

Dear Pimax - will it be possible to order tracking stations and controllers there as well? Why there are no BE headsets there, my plan was to order BE 5K OLED.


Please help. @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support Thanks