Short review 5k+, preorder (bosnaboi)



I preordered the headset on 30th october and recieved the headset on 14th march in Germany. The setup was waaaaay easier than i thought it would be, after reading all the problems in the forum i was a little bit suspicious. I just connected the headset and installed pitool, did a restart of the PC and everything worked well out of the box, controller and lighthouses were recognized directly. I don’t have any other issues everything works great. Only thing i can complain about is the IPD setting, i have a IPD of 64 and that setting don’t seem correct, can’t get both eyes sharp, even on the lowst IPD setting it isn’t 100% accurate. Have to try some setting, maybe higher IPD or thicker face foam. Happily i don’t get any eye strains whichever IPD i use. And a another problem is, when the IPD is set to the lowest setting that the lenses are hitting the nose and hurt, i hope a thicker face foam can solve this.

The distortion is there but it isn’t that much as i expected it, it isn’t bothering me at all, you recognize it but after a hour or so you don’t notice it anymore. The image is realy clear and i love it and the SDE is there but you see it only if you search and try to see it, but because of the IPD the image feels a little bit strange, maybe i will get used to it or find a solution with a thicker face foam. The colors are way better then i expected it, they aren’t as good as on the VIVE but they aren’t that bad. They don’t look washed out as in some posts written. Only in Steam VR Home they were not that good but this seems a software problem, in games they are realy good.

In the end i must say i love the headset, the image quality compared with the FOV is truely VR 2.0 for me.

My PC specs: Intel 8700K, 1080 ti, 16 GB DDR4 3200 mHz.


I used some strips of double-sided velcro and put them under the standard foam to “extend” the thickness of the foam. The lift of about 1mm was perfect for me (IPD ~65mm).

I’ll try to find a 16mm VR Cover for the Gear VR as that’s said to fit perfectly incl. the nose piece.

You can see the fit here:

EDIT: Ordered directly from VR Cover as there were no local/nearby dealers.


That was my experience too - I guess we got lucky?


I think that people with a good Pimax experience don’t mind the forum, they just enjoy the HMD.