Should Pimax release an 4KX?


What would you guys think of a new Version of the Pimax 4K ?
With 110° of FOV and full 4K utilisation with 90 Hz and 6 dof …
I would likely buy that in addition to my 8K.
I mean it would literally be a better Vive Pro.
They could sell it at around 400$ and then they would have a full lineup of awesome VR HMD’s , and the skeptic people who don’t want any distortions could opt for it.


I would definately want to see a headset with actual 4K res but I already tried the 8K and I won’t be spending more time with 110 fov anymore


Yeah that’s what I thought but I would buy this hmd not exclusivly for me but for Friends and family to play together :slight_smile:

The old vive just doesn’t cut it anymore haha :wink:


If it wasn’t expensive I’d buy too probably


I think Pimax should consider a version of the 4K that uses Nvidia’s cascaded display concept.

2 Panels are stacked to produce the illusion of 4 times the pixel densisty. If you could have 110 degrees, and native 4k with absolutely no SDE, that would blow people’s minds.

Sure, high FOV is game changing, but an HMD with monitor like resolution and current FOV, at a reasonable price would likewise be game changing.


why not make it 120 FOV?


You could do 120 degrees, but I think the point of a V2 4K should be getting the best quality/sharpest image/greatest PPD at an affordable price. For a wide FOV, you have an awesome option in the 5k+ or 8K+


Now myself I think it would be awesome to do a 4 with dual 20482160 displays. Rotate them like other hmds to get overall Resolution of 43202048!

Now 90 would be cool but if you could get 120hz. Might be quite nice. If BW works well could be interesting.

Add support for lower refreshes & native res input & upscaler for lower Res.

This on it’s own or combined with @VRGIMP27 reccommendation of Nvidia’s Cascaded displays be quite cool.


I would be curious to see what 2 3840x2160 displays would look in a cascaded configuration.


If you have mobile displays with the backlight removed you could try sampling it. I think to offset the pixels for more density they have turned 1 panel upsidedown with mirrored display.


Isn’t this like 90% towards a 5k+? And isn’t that priced around $450?


It would just be a total useless waste of resources by Pimax, for the simple fact that no one would ever want a 100 degree VR headset anymore as soon as the new wide headesets come out.


If it is small and lightweight headset with 4K and Valve’s tracking at a reasonable price i would get one.
Always good to have options like for playing with friends or watching movies… and since i already ordered the Lighthouses and controllers i only would need the headset itself.

I also could see me using this for Game Dev were you want a compact headset with good optics and preferably with a hinge mechanism at the headstrap so you don’t need to take it off all the time.

Edit: Yeah but first let’s focus on finishing the KS Campaign.


Well watching certain documentaries in 180 VR would be better in a 100 degree headset and the added resolution would also add to the immersion. That fact might sell some units


The 8K allows for lower FOV modes. So I guess a productline for 4K(x) is a bit obsolete.


No, the 4Kx would mean native 4K, no upscaling and therefor clearer than the upscaled 8K. Also 180 degrees is not big enough for a 200 fov headset, so the blinders help in that respect for immersion


Plus if priced on par with current 100 fov headsets. With using a scaler could be king of this type of vr headset. Add the modular concept of the 8k & you have a headset that is good for mid gpu masses.


You mean ‘without’ ?


Hi FoV requires Hi end gpus. The benefit of a 4k reboot is it can compete directly with the Vive Pro (well exceed) & be light enough with scaler & refresh options to run decently on lower end systems competing possibly with wmr headsets.


No i mean with. 4k native with the upscaler to support other resolutions. The anx7538/9 scheduled to be out in 2019 has a built in scaler.