Should Pimax release an 4KX?


But wouldn’t that be something the PC can do? Upscaling in the headset is only necessary when cable bandwith can’t handle native 4K


The upscaler would be good to increase gpu compatibility.

More Gpus that can run it the more market.

Plus the new bridge chips have the scaler built in.


I’m not sure anymore what a bridge chip does now. It splits the signal to drive two panels, right?


Look up Analogix anx7538/39. They have scaler built in.

The bridge chip allows mipi displays to be connected to other inputs. But yes it does in dual display setup bridge 2 displays.


Could be just as easy as adding a 100-110 degree mode in the Pimax, turning the borders black, like watching a 4:3 video on a 16:9 screen… :slight_smile:

A good QHD phone fitted in a cheap chinese VR cardboard headset would be a cheap way to watch hq movies, why spend 399 for a 4K full headset ?..


But then it’s still gonna cost 600 - 700$
Why not offer an cheaper option 300 - 400$ with full 4k support ?

Maybe they already have a vive and just want a higher fidelity picture but don’t want to spend more than 500$ ?