Show Us Your Flight Gear and Cockpits


The haptics and the fact that everything is in the right place must be a dream of immersion.

My low budget cockpit also feels good with an original hotas cougar (with replaced 12-bit controller by leo bodnar and hall sensors). The x-box controller integrated in the throttle makes flying in elite very elegant thanks to the microjoysticks.


Hope you put your impressions here on or on you channel!


my sim rig so far :

couple nice features not visible on pictures

  • gametrix jet seat hidden inside customized massage/rig chair that give 8 vibration zones based telemetry or sound
  • chair can be adjusted by actuators to zero G position like here ( great for Elite)
  • audiophile headphones+tubeamp+dac+low jitter usb card
  • frame is customized/expanded prosimu t1000 but montion actuators not istalled yet ( to do at Xmass time)
  • wind simulation based telemetry


Nice! Had any troubles with the Fanatec pedals?


Elite Dangerous VR rig :wink:


No issue with pedals, they are brand new. Thinking about direct drive to pair for them.They have podium series but waiting for rewiev.


dam you all have way to much money to slash out im gell


If you think these are bad, I know a guy with the front fuselage section of an F15C :slight_smile:


dam i bet it looks the part thow . i bit ott if he only using it for vr


Dbox gp200 rebuilt on diy frame, mige small dd wheel, fanatec v2 pedals. Thrust master shifter. 4 point harness (not really needed, bud adds strongly to immersion :crazy_face:)
4 shakers are still waiting to be applied to this rig. So far the dbox does good vibration, too.

More recent picture :v:


Mate. Nice triple up on the machine bed extrusion for the seat :slight_smile: that must have cost a fortune?

I’m using a claw lock extrusion profile. It’s easy to adjust


Actually I ordered the frame from
Was not cheap, but worth every cent :joy:.

Yours looks quite sturdy, too. Well done! :+1:


my rig after latest upgrades : )