Silence from SweViver

The dude’s gone to ground it seems!

Also, can someone remind me of the VR event that is coming up that I believe he said somewhere that he was going to be at and demonstrating the X?

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like this?


They be the ones - thanks! I expect Martin is busy getting his cables sorted!


Hope for a couple videos!

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I guess we’ll start hearing from the guys around then then.

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I believe he and Kevin are running against time.

The next roadshow will be PARAMOUNT to the good selling of the 8K-X, i’m pumped.


What’s PARAMOUNT - excuse my ignorance (I just googled it and could only find a facebook page - and I’m not on facebook - and some stuff about 360 degree movies!)


I’m not buying either headset, nor will any of my friends who are existing pimax owners until my questions have been answered which should be very easy to answer for an engineer at Pimax and Sweviver.

  1. will 8kX work with 2m extension in reduced fov native res mode or in upscaling mode
  2. will 8kx work with upcoming wireless module in reduced fov native res mode or in upscaling mode?

These are important questions for many and can be tried and answered in ten minutes or less but perhaps the silence on them is because we won’t like the answers and they want to wait till tons of us have already purchased?


Paramount means “of utmost importance”


Well I could propose answers but I remember you want Only Dipl Ing answers from pimax …


I think they haven’t answered your question because they don’t know yet. If those (2) factors where really important to me then I definitely wouldn’t order anything until they were proven to work. Pimax should just extend the deadline for taking advantage of the upgrade plans at least until these kind of questions can be definitively answered.


Gone to ground you say…



Im not gone. Just super busy preparing for the almost 4 weeks long EU trip with Pimax. Its not only VR Days, VR Berlin and VR Space but also many other private visits and presentations that needs to be prepared.

And I just came back from Shanghai basically 4 days ago. Its work 7 days a week lately, but its fun :slight_smile:

Regarding the public VR events, a video will be up on my channel tonight…


But this is BS, it would take ten minutes for their engineers to answer this authoritatively and is costing them tons of sales and thousands of dollars from the people I know personally who are waiting on these exact questions.

Just assume they will not work and move on until proven otherwise. However I would say depending on the quality of the cable, a very high quality cable should work. Lower quality certainly not. Wireless is not likely, period.

So wireless is not likely in upscaled mode?

In upscaled mode I can’t see why it wouldn’t work (maybe with an adaptor for the cable or something but that’s about it). The problem with wireless is bandwidth and if the they can get it working for the 8K+ then there are no obvious large obstacles to getting working in upscale mode on the X - sure we will find out soon enough!


Good to hear from you Martin - I was sure you were busy preparing and not just pissing time away playing VR (or were you!!)


Sorry I don’t agree that it’s “very easy to answer” or “ten minutes for their engineers to answer” other than to say they’re working on it.

R&D takes time, effort, and money by skilled people. No offence but it seems like you are taking for granted the amount of work that it takes to build these solutions, which are right on the cutting edge of what is possible, so inevitably they can’t give a definitive answer until all the options have been exhausted. Ten minute job it ain’t. I have no doubt that that they would love to deliver both a working extension and wireless solution if there’s any chance it can be done.

Then again, I only work on VR in a very limited capacity so I’m not qualified to say. If you already have a solution to the problem, please tell Pimax and they can deliver it to us faster :+1:


You didn’t pay attention to the Pima day 2 live stream then where sweviver said he tried tons of extension cables and they have videos of the wireless on the 8K+, thus they have access to all the equipment, all they need to do is flip the 8kX into upscale mode and try the extensions and wireless again, bam ten minutes and we would have our answer.

I’m not asking for native res mode test, which to my knowledge in large fov? Have all failed.

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