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Yaw vr is using 3dof but the feel three says it uses a 9dof gyro. I’m not quite sure what advantages that will have but I think the 3dof in yaw should be fine.
They have done tests & posted vids of them using a pedal & wheel setup. It looks a bit less natural to my SIM rig but I’m hoping once the headset is on, it will feel fine. Fingers crossed.
They did put a 6ft 5in guy in one & although he did fit, I would imagine using a steering wheel would be awkward for him. Luckily I’m only 5ft 8in so I don’t have any concerns.
The setup for hotas, throttle & pedals looks great for all sizes. Can’t wait to try Elite dangerous, il2, dcs world, xplane 11 with this & pimax.
I’m sure that the feel three one will be a lot better in terms of space & comfort, as it’s basically a full SIM rig in a giant bowl lol, but I imagine they will fuction the same. Maybe yaw vr will have am edge over it on responsiveness as the motors have far less travel to get you rolling & pitching.
I would absolutely love to back feel three as it looks like a very nice piece of kit. It’s just not practical for me though as my front room is my play space & I think feel three will need a dedicated room/permanent home

Anyone else paused big games like Skyrim VR or Fallout 4 VR and waiting to be played on the Pimax 8k?

I have been watching this one for quite a while now and am a patron. I expect it to be quite ahead of the Yaw VR thing because for me, with 110 kg, there needs to be some serious power in the system to be responsive. Also in terms of space for the feet & pedals I am not sure what the Yaw VR can offer - I have concerns about that with FeelThree rig too but it should be better.

The only issue is that the KS campaign has slipped from not starting in winter due to people not having money to spend around Xmas to March, then April, May, now it‘s summer. I guess I will pull the plug for myself if nothing happens in summer either.


I hear you. And I have a feeling that the kickstarter for the feel three will be pushed back again…

I personally I was thinking that it looks uncomfortable and tights having the wheel In between the legs in the yaw vr.

Do u know if the feel three has more than 3 dof?

I do not understand if the feel three and the yaw vr give you that feel of moving vertically up and down , like feeling the track /road not being smooth.

What do u think?


Do you know how big is the base of the feel three and the sheel?
They claim it is easy to mount and unmount.

Would that be even truthful?

If I can “quickly” mount it and unmount it and store it away, it my word. Otherwise I would have issues in my home lol


I do not have details of the exact size of the base but I would imagine around 1m diameter. Not sure about the footrest/ backrest as I think they are still finalizing them. I think the motors are now fixed as opposed to foldable.
The home version seems to be very light & compact but i have opted for a pro version which means the base structure & motor mounts will be more sturdy & it comes with bigger motors for extended daily use ie… to be more hardy for vr arcade use.
This is at the cost of weight & it will be less compact for storage.
Here is what one of the backers wrote about it after testing it at cebit.


Up & down (a.k.a. heave) is one of the longer term modular extensions Mark is planning, but as far as I understand that would not yet be addressed in the KS campaign. One of the beauties of the FeelThree rig is the modular nature: 3 motors is the default, but you could run it with 6 for higher responsiveness (which I might need anyhow, given my weight and length). You can make it past 90 degrees if you add more tiles. And as said, heave is one of the plans to add come time (and success)…

So currently for KS purposes I expect 3 DoF.


Thanks for the feedback for the yaw vr!

Do you know the dimension of the feelthree?


Do you have an idea if the feelthree would be easy to mount and amount in case we have no much space to leave it open/mounted all the time in the house ?


It was said that the assembly of the tiles is not difficult but will take you a few hours. So no option to disassemble due to mixed use of the same space.
That being said it may be perfectly possible to separate the sphere from the stand without much fuss (well, other than actually getting that thing lifted). But if you need to separate the raceseat & controllers from the sphere, no idea how simple that is. It needs to be sturdily fixed, so I am not sure if it would be quickly done nor do I think that a frequent disassembly is wise in terms of wear on the screws & fittings…


I see . It seems meant for who has a dedicated area in the house, like I think u said


What do u think about having the wheel between your legs?

That is the main thing that puzzles me about the yaw vr compared to a dedicated car seat with 3 dof.

Also, what is the difference between the pro edition versus the special edition ?

Do you think they would add a vertical/up-down motion module at some point?


Che figata ! - Cool gear !


I guess that‘s what it comes down to. If you have two pairs of strong hands, maybe you can move it more frequently but you will still need space to store it, and it simply doesn‘t sound like a really enjoyable long-term solution if you have to exercise this kind of efforts everytime you want to use it. At least if you are not talking of freeing the space only every couple of months but rather on a daily or weekly basis.

I myself still have a number of question marks, because we have not received any further details of this project. Apart from the obvious questions around performance, responsiveness, stuttering movement, modes to transition in flightsims & spacesims where you may do virtual loopings, etc… I wonder what the power demand will be (will the existing power supply in my attic cut it), how loud will it be in operation (if I want to use it in the attic, while the family is asleep).

Well, for now it‘s a pipe dream, and who knows how long it will be until delivery if the campaign should start this summer.


Regarding YawVR:

I play racing and flight sims and looked at YawVR but decided not to back it. I need a real race seat with well positioned and absolutely solid wheel and pedals which is just not possible with this. I also need easily interchangeable cockpit between car and plane which further confounds it.

It’s a great idea and will be great for many applications, but alas not racing sims in my opinion. I’m still tempted to buy it retail one day for other apps.


I’m not sure if having the wheel between your legs will feel as good as in a SIM setup. Probably not.
As I already have a SIM setup I’m not too bothered. If it feels good for racing i’ll get rid of my rig. If not then i still have my rig, so I will set yaw vr up for flight/ space Sims & use for no limits rollercoaster, but keep my rig for racing. I have a feeling it may feel good once the headset goes on though.
Special extras: head & backrest + vibration.
Pro extras: head & backrest, vibration, stronger steel structure for intensive use, more powerful motors & programmable lighting.
I’m not quite sure what you mean by a vertical up/down motion module. If you mean something to lift the whole unit up & down. I would think no as that would be a totally different system from the sphere & motor/rollers & would be far too costly & complex.
They are looking to add a wireless solution for peripherals in yaw vr 2.0, & have said they would try to make it modular for us yaw vr 1.0 backers if they can. If not, I will be looking to integrate a wireless powered solution myself. Tbh I think for most things I will have rotation disabled so as long as there is some slack on cables it will be fine


Although I agree it may not be better than a playseat sim rig for racing, my SIM rig doesn’t have motion. I know how much of a game changer tactile transducers can be. I blew my amp which powers 4 on my rig after a heavy 5 hour session on p cars 2.
Now playing without them feels empty lifeless, & I don’t even want to play until I fix it.
I think maybe this is how I will feel too, once I try motion. If it is, then it will probably be worth the compromise of a less natural position.
worst case scenario, I’ll use it solely for flight/space & rollercoaster, so I’ll be happy either way.
If I wanted it only for racing, I would probably have thought twice & waited for reviews


He is talking about heave - and yes, you are correctly pointing out that this is a completely separate motion type in the context of the base spherical design. Heave actually is a vision goal of the FeelThree project, so you will not see it in any initial release of the product. See the first point on this page:


Just watched a promo for the yawvr.
And I can see the design as ok.

But that promo?
Seriously you would think that it was a daytime infomercial.
And an almost got the feeling they where only developing with a gear.
Seriously the racing game was played by looking at a laptop screen.

The feel might look further off as a project but the yaw looked honestly uncomfortable. And I doubt I could get my HOTAS fully mounted to in a proper fashion.
The sides of the bowl is pretty much where both units would be.


You are right and I see your points.

Would you please be able to give me an update if you know more about it. I would do the same of course :slight_smile:


Thank you for explaining that!