Sim platforms & Audio


Or it was simply done on a very low budget.
Still $1200 isn’t super cheap.

Granted a lot less than others costing six times that.


I will let you guys as soon as I am allowed know when the KS campaign starts… as a patron, there are patron only posts where the patrons will receive more information about the KS start date - I will adhere to the logic of only sharing information intended for the public. You won’t miss much though, it is just that the patrons will learn the exact time and not only date of the KS launch.

I do not believe there will be much specific information available prior to that other than on the process to start the KS campaign.


Thank you so much for all your explanation!

Do you have any idea when the vr 2.0 would be out and did they mention how is different from vr 1.0?

As for the wheel in between the legs, is there no way to adjust the seat and the position of the wheel so that it is higher and we can keep our legs more closed ?


I am a patron too but at this point I am not sure of I should keep paying the monthly amount since the question is where I am going to put it In my apartment ? :frowning:


What anyone thinks about the next platform.v3 compared to the yaw for racing games?

Does the v3 platform have movements that the yaw can’t achieve?

Also, do you imagine using the yaw for any other games other than racing and flying ganes? Maybe with a DIY set up?


That is a fair question you will have to consider for sure. I am not 100% sure of that aspect either, but believe it will be manageable, otherwise I would not spend the monthly contribution. But there is a risk that when the specs are released and I start to do the measuring, probably create a very rough cardboard mockup, I might find that it dominates my room in the attic just a little bit too much.

And I do have a race seat and hope to get a forcefeel o8 haptic feedback seat cover later this summer, so that would already be something nice I could fall back to if the FeelThree doesn‘t materialize or I notice that it will not make sense for me.
It obviously would not be near the same, but we are quite blessed anyhow with the current advancements resulting from VR, so you will not hear me complain…


No I don’t have any info on a v2. They are still finalizing v1 at the moment so I think we are talking at least 1-2 years after v1 arrives.
When the backers asked about a full wireless solution to everything headset,hotas,steering wheel etc… They showed us some great examples of 3rd party possible solutions & said it is something they are working on & would like to see it implemented in a yaw vr v2, so I would imagine a v2 would be a bit more tweaked & have a wireless solution.
We did request they make v1 modular for this & they said if they can, they will.
With your question about the steering wheel being raised.
if it needs to be raised for a better experience, I will be re-making the wheel holder/bracket myself on my yaw vr


I use the front half of the next level racing v3 setup, with an actual car race seat as the back half. I have to reinforce and bolt down the front frame to get it real sturdy and tight. I’ve mounted my stick shift seperately, bolted to the main platform that everything sits on. Although it’s one of the sturdiest frames on the shelf, stiffer is still better.

I’ve had my eye on their motion sim module for some time. It’s seat only, but gets very good reviews. It points out seat only motion is very effective and used by real racing drivers and military in their sims. But I’ve never tried a seat only motion sim and want to try it before laying down the cash.

Watching the development of their v3 motion module, the fact it is the 3rd version and the amount of work taken for a dedicated race sim brand to get the motion decent makes me think YawVR won’t come close for sim racing. I also cannot see any way in hell I could get the sturdiness I require in the cockpit on a Yaw VR.

I think it will be great for other applications- roller coasters, flight sims, space sims, anything in a gently moving vehicle.


I’ve got to agree on the tactile transducers. I’ve got quadraphonic buttkickers running and it’s the most immersive add on I’ve done for race sims. I can’t race without them now.

Motion will definitely be another game changer, but I want to make sure I get the right one for me. I use Fanatec clubsport 2.5 wheel with clubsport 3 pedals and the amount of force required to get my brake to the floor is quite large indeed. I can’t imagine any way of attaching them to YawVR without massive flex and even ripping it clean out of the base it’s attached to. Wheel placement would be difficult to be rigid as well as the wheel really needs to not be in my lap but out in front of me, and the force in the fanatec is pretty damn strong.

I really want motion but the great stuff is super expensive and the cheaper ones leave me wondering whether they’re really right for me. Feelthree looks good except for the space I’ll need.


How about getting a yaw vr pro edition that has strong motors and diy mount inside it a car racing seat ?


How much does it cost your setting ?


$2300 Aussie dollars in Australia for v2.5 wheelbase, porsche steering wheel (there’s cheaper wheels), v3 pedals and the stick shifter.

Aussie dollars aren’t worth as much as US, and things tend to cost more here than US and a lot of Europe.


Currently the force applied to my pedals is through a reinforced steel frame into the ground. If they were suspended on an arm attached to YawVR I don’t think I could get them as rigid as I want and also think the mount would rip clean off the YawVR. I would need a steel half dome and welded brackets, and there would still be too much flex at pedals.


Do you think it would work for this wheel and pedals , the idea of a car seat in the yaw?

I think this might be much less serious than your wheel and pedal setting.

What do you think?

What do u suggest me? I am not looking for a super expensive car racing set up , that I wish I could afford and buy , but I can’t. :frowning:

I have backed the above wheel and pedals and I love those videos of car racing seats !

In general, does a next racing platform give more motion movements to a car seat than a yaw ?

I am not knowledgeable at all about car racing rigs though I LOVE F1 :wink:


Haha, that wheel can break your arms if you’re not careful. It’s more powerful than mine. Most direct drive wheels are so powerful they have to be clipped to not break your arms. It looks great at that price. Fanatec are about to release their direct drive wheelbase which should be cheaper than most, but nowhere near that cheap.

The pedal loadcell is 50kg, if I recall correctly mine is 200kg. You adjust the settings yourself as to where 100% braking is, but if it’s set very high you get more finesse in the heavy braking range which can cut seconds off a lap.


So practically there is no use of that wheel and pedals for the yaw . It simply would not work. Right ?


I’m not sure, but I don’t believe it suits my needs.

You’ll be applying a lot less pressure to your brake, but still up to 50kg which will be on a lever - thus applying a very large pressure at the mount. The wheel is probably less difficult to get it so it doesn’t rip out it’s mounts but may take some fabricating to get a good position out in front of you instead of in your lap.

I don’t think it’s up to scratch for serious sim racers but probably great for the more casual game racer with pedals that don’t require large forces.

I still want one for other apps.


Do u imagine other uses other than flight games and racing games for the yaw?


What brand and model is your chair base?


I use a large sheet of hardwood marine ply as my base which is sitting on 3 different density rubber mats (vibration isolation). My next level racing front half of frame slides into contacts and I simply push bolts through holes in frame to contact brackets to hold it down. I can pull out bolts, lift it out and replace it with my flight cockpit.
The back half is an actual car seat on sliding rails with the base of the rails bolted down to the hardwood platform.
Then a buttkicker in each corner where wheels would be on a car, which is why I need that vibration isolation.