Sim platforms & Audio


Any pics would be great :+1:


It’s difficult to get a good shot with it crammed in the corner.


Using same racing stand, i think its the best thing you can get for this money so far.


Wow! That looks like it would be fun to drive.

I just sit at my regular computer desk in an ergonomic office chair.


I have a question if you don’t mind.
I have 4 cheap tactile transducers on my setup, but I run them all together through 1 amp (No simvibe/zone control).
I am quite happy with this but have thought about going down the route of separating them for different corners.
What do you use to control them all?
4 separate amps & extra sound cards?


You could use an amp like the fame quad 4150 and a separate soundcard, and SimCommander software.


Just how much feedback do you get with this ,its all new yo me


As far as I’m aware, you need an amp with low pass filters on each channel, so you are basically getting a low frequency output suitable for subs. Getting these with 4 outputs is mega expensive.
Or can you just control the frequency from the pc software & use any suitably sized/channel amp?


Tactile transducers make it much better.
You feel the whole seat & stand rumbling from the engine of the car. You feel all the bumps & crashes. in a game like dirt rally you feel the rumbling of the track stop as you get air over a bump, & you feel the bang & rumble As the car touches down again.
& flight/space Sims. Why nobody talks about transducers for these I’m not sure. Feeling the whole rumble of the plane/ships engine through your whole rig/body as you throttle up, makes for a very immersive experience


I am actually not that knowlegdeable about this stuff, you can google it, or try to look in this forum, maybe there’s more on it there:


That sounds awsome , what parts list would one need software


I bought 4 cheap transducers & connected them to a sub amp connected to the sub output from a sony 5.1 amp I already had. If you do this, make sure you wire them to match the ohms rating of the amp. (I had to wire mine in parelell & then series to keep them at 4 ohms for the amp). Then i run my amp straight from a optical digital cable on my pc or ps4. You will also need rubber or neoprene isolators between your setup & the floor.
Alternatively & a easier option. You can buy them in kits with amps but they aren’t cheap.
If you want to do a full sim setup with front, back, left, right zones then I am not the person to talk to.
Ps… even 1 or 2 transducers under the seat will give you a good experience.


Just looked on ebay £80 for amp and transducer ,i like the idea of seat mounted but would vive headphones over ride optical output


On my pc i can set the optical port to work alongside vive headphones . Same on ps4. Not sure how your amp will connect but there will be a way


I use onboard sound for actual sound and then another sound card with quadraphonic option to run the buttkickers, going through 2 stereo amps.

You definitely should run them separately and using simvibe or similar. Are you just running sound through them, given you’re not using simvibe? They actually play all the bumps and textures of the road, and give you suspension feedback when you use simvibe.


Yeah heaps of feedback. With buttkickers you can rattle the skeleton out of your flesh if you want.
They’re so good. I can never go back.

They make something like Assetto Corsa really shine as it gives information on the cars suspension, and every car feels different in the suspension. It can show what’s lacking in others like project cars 2 where it only gives information on the road bumps and surface and every car feels the same.

As said above it’s also great in flight sims, feeling the landing gear and flaps moving, the recoil of the cannon!, touchdown and of course to really scare the crap out of you when you get hit by a missile.


Beware of crappy cheap tactile transducers (I’m sure there’s decent knock offs but sooo many below par). If they just buzz like a massage chair insert they’re really not what I’m talking about. They need to be really heavy and really move you. I wouldn’t attempt to hold one of mine in my hand whilst running- I’m sure it would cause significant injury to my wrist and arm, and that’s if I don’t knock myself unconscious by it hitting my head and then shattering my hip on the downswing.

My amps:
(Quite cheap from an online megastore)


Ok you have me wanting to upgrade, now I know you can output the feedback in low frequency through a soundcard with simvibe. I need to buy simvibe soon anyway, so i better put a soundcard on my shopping list.
Although I have been getting all my feedback through the low frequency sound. It’s surprising what you still feel from this, ie, road surface, engine, bumps, crashes.
I guess that’s not going to match what simvibe can output though.


I want to say that u guys are so cool with this much technical feedback about sim car racing hardware ! I am so ignorant on the matter , though I love the idea and as I said the videos about it :slight_smile:
Thank you so much and sorry to the moderators to have gone off topic!


I see how your very cool sim car set ups need some space in the house that unfortunately I would not have right now until 1 day I move to a bigger apartment :frowning:

My only option seems the crappy yaw vr because even the feel three needs plenty of space.

If you do not mind guys, I need some more help from you guys about trying to have this yaw vr somehow work.

When I read that the yaw vr pro edition is meant for arcade , I would hope that it would resist to the big pressure of the wheel and pedals. U guys think that is impossible, right?

I am thinking about some modding of the yawvr to make it work.

About the tactile transducers and buttkickers, would they even be something possible to mount somehow on a yaw vr? What do u think?