Sim platforms & Audio


Have u guys seen this rig?

What do u think about it for that price?


i have it. Can’t wait for the pimax plus that.


I can’t say it’s impossible to mount pedals which require large force to it, I don’t know. But on the surface look, I am applying massive pressure to my brake and if the pedals are suspended on an arm which attaches back to the half dome of yawvr, then the arm is effectively a lever, so the forces at the mount would be mind boggling. I imagine the sort of force that would require steel and bolts or welds.

The buttkickers could be mounted on it but not in very natural ‘4 wheels’ position. Just a stereo buttkicker setup would work on it.


That motion rig looks great for the price. I’m interested.
@Mpmo10 What’s it like?


Indeed that is interesting, sort of the small alternative to something like the FeelThree rig - will not compare for flightsims, where the sphere design offers clear advantages to put you physically in a position like you would be in reality (up to 90 degrees; don’t expect it for loopings).
But for racings sims that would be great, and even for Elite or other space sims it might be good enough because I am not sure if I need the full yaw experience in outer space where up and down doesn’t matter anyhow.

Is anybody in this forum who actually owns this rig and can tell us more about it ?


The DOF Reality H3 certainly looks interesting. I’m not sure where I’d put it though. My wife would hit the roof if I bought something like that, so for me, it’s only a pipe dream.


Flint would i be right in thinking i could plug 5 buttkickers into 5.1 surround sound and get four corners and center set up or is it more involved as im gueesing a bass feed needed .sorry but this is new to me


To do wheels on a car you want quadraphonic. 5.1 runs the front speakers louder than the rear and the centre channel can take away from some of the experience. Quadraphonic runs all 4 speakers at the same level and works perfectly for a car. You can get cheap soundblaster clones with quadraphonic.
The amps you use just have to handle low frequencies well, as that is all they will be amplifying. You need powerful amps, iirc mine are 160 watt per channel and buttkickers can take 200 watt per channel. You don’t need audiophile quality so you can actually get very cheap amps that work well.


i found this and a power supply 40a i was thinking with simvibe and four Reckhorn BS-200i Bass Shakers what you think or i can get pioneer 4 channel amp good for 100w continuous over 4 channels @ 4ohms

:grinning: all for under £350


Do you have it mounted on a platform ?

Ps: when she will see the kat walk mini arriving home, she will probably kick me out of the house lol


IMHO gametrix jet seat is better than any bass shaker or transducer… and you can save some money and complaints from neighbors


I hear u. I am having an argument with my wife about my “wish to buy” hardware lol


This price is without Vat , customs and huge transport cost. I was thinking about dofreality but choosed prosimu t1000 For car simualors actuators works better - more smooth and in feelings are closer to the car suspension


I totally disagree on the jetseat. They’re worlds apart. A mate with the jetseat even tossed his aside and went and bought buttkickers after trying mine. He also thought worlds apart, incomparable.
Moving heavy pieces of metal up and down, which is what buttkickers do, creates an entirely different feel and fidelity than buzzers in a chair.
When that cannon is kicking out in front, the ignition of a rocket on your left wing, the gear rumbling and clunking into place below you, the hit of the wheels as you slam a hornet onto the carrier - only decent, heavy bass transducers can nail that.


thanks guys ,im going to give gametrix ago only not gamtrix anymore now and on preorder so we will see how it go,s ,im going to try saving for proper set up as this is now escalated to more than one option ,full 3DOF or 4 point heavy kickers or 3DOF with forcefeel 8 its going to be a journey i dont even have rig cockpit yet :confounded:


What do you mean…? It’s the platform itself, i just put my own seat and wheels on it. I can’t drive cars in vr without it anymore, dirt rally is so so fun


Hey mate, you got discord or something…? I have some questions about this and this thread or forum isn’t the right place


So it sits on the floor?
I was thinking if it scratches the floor in case we have wood floor


Do u think that the yaw vr would have that rear traction loss that dofreality has got?


I don’t have discord. I think you can private message me though.