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You just get a rubber mat to go below it.


At this point the question I have /what I am wondering about, is if the yaw , by rotating 180 degree or 360 degrees in both directions , can actually follow the track pattern and hence when we drive in a right U shaped curve, we would actually feel moving 180 degree and change the direction /our position in space, from north to south for example .

Does anyone know?


Buy it let us know :laughing: i would imagine with a slight lean into the corner might be convincing

It looks fairly good do you have price of it


One word exspencive and then she will want shoes to match :clown_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah it sits on the floor, I have a carpet so I haven’t noticed anything


Nah mate, absolutely not. I really don’t recommend anyone buying that yaw vr honestly. If you want more questions there’s someone I know who’s familiar with these stuff more and can tell you why the yaw vr isn’t so good (msg me if you want)


i have the yaw vr pro coming.

I think it will be amazing with a game like elite dangerous…


I’d be interested in how well it works with ED. I think it would be amazing too.


And im now in for the purchase of a Sietik v2 rig and an omp trs bucket seat to go with it :grinning: should be a good set up to try the forcefeel 8 when it turns up ,it comes with simshaker so if i decide to change to an all wheel transducer set up im half way there


Probably not so good.
At best it would work on direct joystick input since ED has no motion data API like other sims.


I dont know if its direct joystick input ,but i think so


Sorry to keep adding 1 more off topic post that will be soon moved.
I saw this 4 dof rig and it looks so cool but the price so high!

Wondering if there is any 4dof in the $2000 range price


Is it expandable from 3 dof to 4 dof?


Now you’re in my boat. The good ones cost too much, the reasonably priced ones aren’t good enough.


based web pages yes, but check with them


yes, lets create „montion platform „ topic and move all this stuff there @Heliosurge


What is the cheapest 4 dof car racing rig that you have encountered ?


Sorry for such a late reply. I haven’t really found any in my price range so don’t remember which 4dof systems were good.
The one I’ve most seriously considered is the Next Level Racing v3 seat, and it’s a seat only 2dof platform. However I do know it works well for racing, whereas I’m not so sure a lot of others in the same price range with higher dof would.
And yet the price of the NLR v3 has still kept me from ever pulling the trigger on it. I’ve been eyeing it for a while now.


I think I am going for the dof reality p3

It is a 3 dof platform.
It seems it will be modular at some point and it might be possible to increase its dof at some point .


I advice you to re-think your idea. When seat/body is moving and you have hands on steering wheal or joystick glued to desk which is not moving…
for a long term unplayabe for me.