Sim platforms & Audio


Have you tried it? If so, can you give a detailed account of your experience?
Logic on the surface says it will be weird and not work well. But then that superficial assessment disappears when you use it and it tricks your brain better than you think it would.
Nasa and professional race drivers use some seat only motion sims. That in itself tells me it’s not a junk experience.
I know this one works well for racing. They spent years and years, 3 versions and are a dedicated race sim company, and I know having motion does not equal good race sim…it took them and other higher end race sim companies a lot of time and effort to make it good for racing.
So I’m sceptical of companies who aren’t sim racers coming up with new motion platforms on the cheap with no focus on realistic feelings of racing. I do believe several will be good for other applications but not sim racing. Movement by itself does not make a good race sim. The correct recreation of the feeling of a race car makes it.


I did not try it. I have asked here.
But do want pay much more to get a close to pro sim? We are talking about double digits prices


This is why I’m stuck on thinking about NLR 2dof seat only. I really want 4dof and even full platform but for known good ones I’m looking at $20 000 in Aussie dollars and I just don’t have that kind of toy money.


But a 2dof would probably be worse than a 3dof.
I mean you have less driving motion feelings.

I just hope that if I get a dof reality unit and it becomes modular, with time I can make it reach 4 or 5 or 6 dof , by buying the add on


I dont , I choosed Prosimu t1000 , they also have a lot of expirence on the market.
Read this:


Yes that T1000 is way better. It looks great.
However it’s $12000 aussie dollars without shipping and literally on the other side of the world.
I’d love it I’m sure but not in the price range.


you can choose 2 dof version for 1890 euro withou seat
or 3 dof for 2900 euro and upgrade later…


I hadn’t seen the without seat option. It’s definitely becoming a contender now. I’d really want 3dof in it. Hmmm, back to saving.


I have bought a 3 dof (the P3) from dofreality and I have pre ordered the 6 dof update that should be ready in 1 month or so.

I will be able to maybe give some feedback at some point of the 6 dof of dofreality , after I also receive the feel vr wheel and pedals to mount on