Simple controllers?


I am looking for a cheap way to get through menus and press buttons, will simple bluetooth controllers like the Samsung Gear controller work? Other suggestions?


Depending on games simple xbox controller will wotk


nah… guess he was not referring to games ;—) although the xbox controller is great. I think this will suit your needs, 7€ on amazon. Tried to use it with iphone but it is not fully compatible since not mappable in ios. works great on windows though! @Waiter


@noro Don’t need a controller for that… :wink:

I just bought the P4K and want to try it out before deciding whether to keek it and before I invest in any expensive extra gadgets or hardware. The problem os that all the free games on Steam I have tried so far requires me to start the game with a controller. I am hoping to play non VR fps (Skyrim, Fallout…) but with a mouse and keyboard.

I tried the Samsung Gear but with no cable PC tethering, it’s useless. I liked the controller though, especially since it has a little mousepad instead of a joystick.

Does anyone know if the Samsung Gear Controller works with Pimax 4K?

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Probably not. Have you searched if gearvr controller can be used on pc?

If the phone tracks the controller then no go.


@Heliosurge Seems like you are right. According to the info I could find on other forums, the Gear controller only works with the Samsung phones, no way to connect it to a PC. That is really sad as that controller was great. I am new to all this, so I don’t know what to expect from other controllers, but with a Gear, that controller is visible inside VR and can be used like a laser pointer to point, click and pick up objects. The pad on the top also works as a mouse pad, so you could actually play any fps comfortably with one hand using the controller for wasd, mouse and trigger button. Sadly the headset is completely useless for PC games though, as you can only use tethering via WLAN, which is way too slow.


I checked on Amazon, and the controller @noro recommended was “out of stock”, so I ordered this little guy instead:

It was a bit more expensive, but … well … I was drunk and didn’t need the money. It will hopefully arrive tomorrow so I’ll post an update when it does.



Where’s the return button?


No need since u can map 3x4 buttons, so return is wherever you want it to be. The alternative that walter found may be even better (more configurable buttons without the need of switiching), I was just suggesting the cheapest one. Of course both do not have any tracking capabilities, but the xbox has none either. Honestly, if it is for gaming having an xbox controller is the best way to go, at least for games that need no controller tracking like Hellblade, racing sims etc. But for movies, starting apps like netflix, browsing through folders these small controllers (and cheaper) do just fine.



Looks like the controller is going back tomorrow. I don’t know if it is because it doesn’t support XInput, but the only thing I can do with it, regardless of which “mode” I set it to, is to use it as a mouse and control the volume. It doesn’s work with any of the game/software menues in VR.

Shame, because otherwise it seems like a nifty little thing with different modes for vertical/horisontal use as a game pad or a VR controller. But only for phones.

Looks like I have to try another one. I wish the Pimax Pro controllers were available, they look exactly like what I was looking for - pointers with a mouse pad instead of the joystick.


There is supposed to be a way to remap controls for VR. There was Openvr-Input emulator but steam might have broken it.

@jonnypanic might know more on it as he used it before.

If you load Steam into Big Picture mode you might be able to map it there.

@noro might know how to as well.


Driver4VR will enable mapping, but you may need some kind of tracking device first, like Leap Motion or kinect, I am not sure.


Doesn’t seem like it. The controller is recognised as “unknown controller” at the bottom of the controller list but when I click it, I am unable to map any of the buttons. All that happens is that the buttons do what they are supposed to in Windows (depending on mode). (Navigate backwards/forwards, mouse control, volume…)

I found one like the one @noro posted on Amazon, but I somehow don’t see that it’s going to be any better.


There was a program years ago called ppjoy that folks used for mapping controls to wii motes & such.

You might also need to enable extra controller options in steam. Ie ps4 controllers need extra options enabled.


Of course, you need to remap the buttons with a 3rd party utility first in order to assign the buttons to keyboard keys since those controllers were designed primarily for Android devices. Unfortunately there are no tools for IOS do stuff like that.
But with a little googeling, you will find lots of software to do so in windows. I even managed to use my 3dconnexion cad controller to work as a joystick (awesome for games btw.) and then using it to send midi and cc commands :slight_smile:

I tried to find a software (i removed the old one quite a while back) and check it for you but for strange reasons my linkbox is not working for external bluetooth controllers since broadcom removed the win10 64 drivers. (btw if anyone found a workaround to use the linkbox’s integrated BT again pls let me know) so i can’t pair general BT devices right now.

So you already managed to get the device pop up in windows? You should be good then.
Try “Antimicro” (lots of tutorials on YT) to remap as you like :slight_smile:
You only need to find out which button is sending what, because even if your functionality is limited “out of the box”
the other, for now, non-functional buttons send commands. After that, you can freely assign keyboard keys or even macros.

Keep in mind that it won’t do any tracking stuff of course, so software that relies on that won’t work of course.
But anything working with keyboard an mouse/ normal controllers should work fine.


Well all the software I have found so far has been for mapping controller commands into keyboard strokes. The problem with that is that the android controller doesn’t give away anything that the PC recognises as a signal, and therefore it also can’t be mapped.

I found something called DroidJoy which makes your phone into a gamepad, this is probably the best and cheapest solution there is at the moment. Looks promising, but I haven’t got is set up yet.

I started this thread as a place to collect info about various cheap controllers just for getting into some simple games and software to test the Pimax, but I have to admit that my priorities have changed a bit.

I have been messing around with this software for almost two weeks now and I am still not at at a point where I can say that I feel satisfied with the result.

I’ll give it a day or two of tinkering, but if nothing gets any better, I’ll return the HMD while I can and wait for the next generation of VR headsets.

Thanks for your help!


Maybe try this one

Used to be good back when it was ppjoy. Also check your android joystick some have a mode selector.


Razer Hydra SteamVR Driver+FreePie/FreePie Driver & ViGEm alongside Universal Controller Remapper can enable most any Gamepad, etc to work with SteamVR.

Some time ago, I posted a way to get HOTAS working with Google Earth VR, some of the links are now dead but guide is still relevant to get started.


Hi there . Would you please share more details about this method of using
" Razer Hydra SteamVR Driver+FreePie/FreePie Driver & ViGEm alongside Universal Controller Remapper"
? What me and a friend of mine are trying to do is replace the vr controller with leap with full finger tracking and having our captogloves used as input in steamvr