Single-Pass Stereo Coming to iRacing



GTX 10 and 20 series!

I just wanted to let you all know, we are really close to having a version of nVidia SMP, called Single Pass Stereo, fully operational in dev, and hope to release it in the March update. It will reduce the number of draw() calls into DX11 when rendering stereo for VR, and should alleviate some CPU bottlenecking.

It should work with the GTX1000’s and GTX2000’s (Pascal and Turing architectures). "


wow first confirmed game that is using this feature. only took 3 years

seriously why dont all the games do this already?


I think a few others do, IIRC all of the Serious Sam Games/Talos and Quivr. Possibly Raw Data and Sports Bar VR (although I had issues with sportsbar even starting up correctly in Pimax). I bought a 1080Ti fairly early when it came out assuming most devs would use those cool techniques. However, some like to take a stance against Nvidia because their amazing technology is “not fair” for AMD owners. So dumb. I’m very happy to be supporting the devs of iRacing. It’s definitely an expensive “hobby,” but worth it if you like ranked multiplayer competitive, respectful racing. Tell me how many multiplayer games have survived over 10 years while still being considered the most populated in its class?

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no!, That’s one of my favorite games, It’s funny because I love the Samsung Odyssey but the one reason it doesn’t get a perfect score from me is that you cant play pool with those controllers.I’ll need to try this with the pimax for sure


omg if devs are hold back on using tech to wait for AMD to catch up we’ll be so far behind. That’s nonsense. AMD abandoned the pc market to chase the consoles.


Getting hyped for this. HDR is coming too. I wonder, will HDR change the look in our headsets? The devs said it should look a bit different even if not using an HDR monitor.