Sj & Swe's Miracle Go Round Confessions


I’d rather sell my kidney

Sell your KS pledge for 8K and accessories here (or somewhere else, it's a free world)
Sell your KS pledge for 8K and accessories here (or somewhere else, it's a free world)
Sell your KS pledge for 8K and accessories here (or somewhere else, it's a free world)

LOL . I have 3 kidneys ( double kidney system on left side) , might consider the same :wink:


Man… I feel like I just bought someone’s kidney, then. :grin:

Edit: let’s be nice, my dudes!


How much for that kidney… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey sweeviver your really hyping this thing up! Hope it’s really as good as you say :slight_smile: So happy you guys have given the green light and production is finally underway!


Wow if the 8k in its current state is better than a kidney then tracking must be working flawlessly, lenses must be perfect, no distortion anywhere, it will then run great on a 980 gtx, build quality must be suburb and the ux a breeze, right? And we will get it real soon now since it’s so great already! Can’t wait man, friday shipping starts?


Geeze guys… we get a possible hint (but not really) and instead of leaving it be for what it is, you have to make it more. Calm down already! Lol

Btw, this thread is for selling pledges, we’re wayyyy off topic.


No, if the device is good or not is fully up to each individual backer. But I’m sure you will regret your sudden choice. No need for me to hype anything. I dont need to convince you either. Im just telling you my personal opinion.

And no, there is probably no serious VR enthusiast still using a gtx 980, so don’t worry


Quote: And no, there is probably no serious VR enthusiast still using a gtx 980, so don’t worry.

I bet there are many VR players with the GTX 9 series. For example those who are willing to wait and skip the gtx10 series to get the 11 series. and why wouldnt people skip a generation? besides 95% of current games works ok with a 970/980/980Ti.


He is referring to the GTX980 (or lower) - the GTX 980Ti is a different story.


Actually, you’ve described me. I have a 980Ti and I’m waiting for the 1180Ti before I upgrade. Until then, I will just have to deal with low-quality mode.


Actually the thread was created to sell a hmd and so it came to pass. At least the debate as to whether the thread was in the right place was sort of on topic, but it was never about the GPUs.


No your just plain wrong about that @sweviver

It is not up to each individual backer to decide if the device is good enough when they recieve their unit and its too late because it’s in their hands. You are the one chosen to ensure 3000+ backers receive a device that works as specified with no inherent defects

Your job as stated by Xunshu in her Kick starter update was to decide if the 8K is FINISHED and give the green light for mass production

You are responsible for $4.3 million dollars of backer money. YOU are also the only single tester that is on here hyping the product up and giving the green light

Every indication is telling me that it is not the case and this device is in no way ready for mass production. It couldn’t be more obvious that there are serious unresolved problems

If there’s anything important you want to tell backers I would suggest you do it now before defective units are shipped and everybody comes asking you why the F you did anything about it when you had the chance :slight_smile:


“You are responsible for $4.3 million dollars of backer money” ?!?!?!?

Hey buddy, did you smoke some bad weed ? He is a backer who participates voluntarily in the closed beta, and without receiving any compensation. He is investing hundreds of hours of his time. And he simply pointed out, that every individual backer will have their own standards of what they consider bad, good or super.

I strongly suggest you reconsider the tone and content of your post.


I haven’t seen anyone yet give a green light. Just folks presuming that the green light was given due to last ks update stating “mass production stage”.

And no no tester can make sure it suits every backer’s perceived expectations. Any more than a politician can truly represent all ppl in the region elected in. Every backer will decide fir themselves whether its: great! To it sucks.


Being ready to mass produce & being ready to ship are 2 different things


Much respect Helio but please let him answer :wink:


You did forget the recent leak from Korea hyping the headset demoing Oculus title being launxhed without revive. (Though not a tester) :beers::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1::sparkles:

And i haven’t seen anyone give it a green light yet not even pimax. (Hence no shipping yet)


Tester testing, he is not a decision-maker or Pimax employee. You put pressure on the wrong person. And by my observations he is doing more than other testers together.


The depressing truth is I’m still running a GTX 980 … Waiting patiently and looking forward to the release of the 1180 (a Watercooled one it is lol)
But in the meantime I’m ‘enjoying’
30 - 45 fps DCS and 45 FPS Warthunder…
But Games like Pavlov I can render with a SS of 3.0 with steady 90 FPS…
Skyrim is also no Problem and FO4 is just tanking FPS …
So I would consider the 980 okey’ish for a OG Vive.