Sj & Swe's Miracle Go Round Confessions


But that doesn’t relieve anyone from responsibility. If some charity working injects patients with the same syringe, like happened at Mother Theresa’s clinic, she’s making them worse, not better. She can’t then simply hide behind the fact that she was doing it all for charity. Just saying, there’s ALWAYS a responsibility, even if you’re doing something for free. Now luckily the tester’s is not a matter of life and death LOL. BUT hyping it up, like Sweviver is doing here, saying it’s better than a kidney does impact buy/sell decisions. People here might now be looking for a pledge and be willing to overpay big time because this thing is not only going to release soon but is also going to be the Vive Pro KILLER. Also, just like @Davobkk says, Pimax will release it once the testers are happy. So there surely is a big responsibility and no one can hide behind the fact that they’re doing it all for free.

If the HMD really is THAT great like Sweviver is saying, great, we’ll then find out VERY soon cause this means that it’s near perfect already anyway and it can be released right now. But if turns out the lenses are not perfect, there’s still distortion, tracking doesn’t even work flawlessly and 1080TI is a minimum spec, then I wonder what his youtube viewers will think of him and if they will believe anything he says next time.


You want the perfect vr wait for the neural implant upgrade. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Amazing how much ppl interpet things said & not.

No such thing as perfect UX. See Windows.


Would you prefer windows over your kidney? Just saying. With remarks like that something has to be damn good!


Pretty simple - his YT channel viewers know him, know that he is a character who easily gets excited, know that he is probably not what you‘d call a perfectionist. Still that does not mean it‘s worthless. I am not that critical to certain things which some technically very knowledgeable folks can get hung up on. So for me it is interesting to learn what these folks think of a device, but somebody like Sweviver will likely be closer to how I would experience it. I will not notice all technical flaws in my use of the headset. If I was looking for flaws and could not avoid noticing them, I doubt I would have any fun with the current generation.

So I don‘t think that the people you mentioned, his channel subscribers, will have an issue with it - it rather seems that certain people who don‘t know him may, if they were expecting a super-critical „I will find any flaw there is and if it takes me days to notice it with lots of investigatory work“ kind of guy.

Hmm, isn‘t this a bit childish ? Nobody is talking about any perfection VR for another 10-20 years (or even much longer). Funny to read this statement from somebody who actually knows quite a bit of the state of VR.

What do you expect ? Should everybody reviewing VR headsets in the coming 8 years be forced to say that they are a complete piece of crap, but actually a tad better than the other even crappier headsets ?

Sorry, but I really don‘t get the point of that sort of statements… they only seem to serve one purpose, to criticize for the sake of criticizing. Could you imagine that two years ago some people where even excited about the Rift and Vive ? Impossible, right - they were not entirely and completely perfect !!

So the obvious answer is that it just needs to be better than the currently available headsets, and that leaves room for LOTS of imperfection all along the board. In the eyes of Sweviver (and MRTV) it actually seems to be a step further compared to the Vive Pro & Samsung. In your eyes, it may not, this is something Sweviver was pointing out earlier, that he is only giving his opinion.

Oh yes, and I am not shocked that a headset having a vastly increased resolution will demand more horsepower to feed it. I suggest you never consider buying a Maserati - it actually consumes more petrol than a Toyota Avensis…

And fnally, no, Sweviver has no responsibility for 4,3 Mio. $ of backer investment. Full stop. Pimax are responsible for that. Full stop.


Bad question. Would prefer Linux no purchase or sale required, just stable & generally problem free vs windows & kidneys. :smirk: think like the Island we should be harvesting clones for spare parts. :smiling_imp:

Notice I didn’t say Linux was perfect either; just generally better


But in that case I would have no problems AT ALL with what he says. But if the tracking doesn’t even work correctly, if you can’t even enjoy it with a GTX 1070, if the distortion around the edges is extremely irritating, if build quality sucks and things break off, then it obviously would NO WHERE be as good as even the DK2.

Nobody is expecting this to be perfect VR. Yet if people like Sweviver come here, saying that they’d rather sell their kidney than their HMD, then that would imply that it’s AT LEAST better than the Vive pro, agreed? Well, you do, you just said it :wink:


vive pro tracking glitches a lot in my experience , not as solid as the og vive


Says it all. Lol


vive shitty pro is a joke, it was always meant to be a fucking expensive premium joke, made just to milk off some htc fanbois.


And thanks to Sweviver people are now expecting the Pimax 8k to be (much) better than the Vive Pro. Otherwise it would be very weird for him to say he’d rather sell his kidney


Yes, I think for the purposes of an average user, from what I hear I expect the 8K to outperform the Vive Pro.

Sweviver does not possess the Vive Pro, which you hoepfully noticed, so you cannot expect him to have compared it to exactly that device, but he knows the other ones, and from MRTV you may have heard that he mentioned in a live stream that when he put the Samung Odyssey back on the other day his spontaneous reaction was “OMG, this is really awful !”.

Again, perhaps this will all not match up with your expectations, standards, etc., but Sweviver and MRTV did not say that they would give Pimax customized advice for every single backer. So it is still entirely possible that 80 % will be happy, and 20% not, or any other percentage, depending how far off the average Sweviver and MRTV happen to be in their level of expectation.

If the tracking on the final delivery units does not work within acceptable levels (and we all know that the Vive wands like to ride off into the sunset once in a while, the Rift tracking shows glitches too and Inside Out of the WMR is even worse, so please don’t even waste any time thinking about demanding perfection), this is a show stopper. You could still use it as 3DoF, but then it’s a different proposition.

If the 8K demands more than a GTX 1070 and somebody really whines on about it, I recommend they get a Wii console and an old TV so they do not have to face the cruel world of “if you want more performance, you need to get the tools for more performance”. It’s insane that somebody would join a KS campaign for a cutting edge next gen resolution HMD and at the same time think he will get away with accompanying hardware anything short of state of the art. If I get a race frame for a formula 1 car and plug in an old VW Golf motor, do I really expect it to compete with other F1 race cars ? Okay, so Pimax have hinted at their wonder-suspension called Brainwarp which may make your VW Golf motor fly, but did you really expect that to do the trick in all scenario’s, without any downsides ?

Distortion around the edges - wow. So I get a piece of cloth, sacrifice 5° or 10° of FoV, problem solved. I hope I am not getting too technical here.

Build quality - if it breaks easily, or is vulnerable to sweat (oh, HTC have an excellent reputation on this point, don’t they ? At least they won’t change their warranty policy after contract-breaching refusal of repairs… ooops, they did exactly that), then it is a show stopper. But if the rather shady reddit reports really were genuine, the unit feels quite solid.

I think what many here are looking for is a VR headset to enjoy the games and experiences in VR even more thatn they can today, and accoridng to the firts impressions of the two testers it appears that this is realistical. But for people on a crusade to find flaws, I am sure the 8K will be a feast. So while you enjoy the feasting on flaws, I expect to enjoy a VR experience elevated to what I personally consider the next level. For me, for all the flaws it had, the V2 would already have provided that.


But does all you just mentioned warrant the term “I’d rather sell my kidney” ? I don’t think that sits well for the type of expectations you just described. That’s all I’m saying here. I think it’s important people have realistic expectations.


People who have seen Sweviver videos will know how to take it. By the way, I am pretty sure, if you went over to his house with an 8K in your hands, he would not really let you remove his kidney. It was just an expression of his delight in this new toy. When I experienced the V2, and if I were a person using the kind of excited bunny speech Sweviver is generally using, I would have said something comparable…

I really think that once we have the 8K, and have used it for a couple of weeks and gotten used to the inevitable flaws it will have, and then go back to our current headsets, we will only notice what for a step it was. But no, for crying out loud, it will surely not be perfect by any means.


Well, then let your words then be the disclaimer for his remark. I do believe the 8k will be a nice headset. But I highly doubt it will beat the Vive Pro in things like UX, build quality, ease of use, tracking, geometry, colours and distortion perfection. Hence I think there will be people who prefer the Vive Pro and others who would rather have the 8k, for the wider Fov and panel resolution.


i literally shouted “HAA” out of excitement when i read this !!!


Well if tracking is an issue then valve’s in trouble. Lol

UX unless your using vive port your stuck with steam. :smirk:


Ease of use (and comfort) didn’t hold Vive users back in the days before the audio strap - if you expect the Pimax to outshine the competition in every single aspect, you are asking much more of them than I would ask of any big corporation competitor when they release their new product… if you want to be successful you need to offer a better package, or, for a a lesser degree of success, better single scenario solution.

Err, unless Pimax come up with a last minute new cover material for the sensors… :joy:


Well as you know the lighthouses are only half of the equation. The HMD sensors and the pimax drivers are the other half

Vive is plug and play. A monkey could install it and set it up. I’ll have to see how that will work for the 8k. When the 4k came out it was a real pain to set it up for sure and even get it going.


Hey I’m the one here who says people should have realistic expectations.


man just shut the hell up. One minute you’re telling him “ohh thanks for the good news sweviver, i bet it’s so good!!” then the next you’re saying everything is pointing to the fact that it has a lot of issues and that it’s gonna fail? you are actually pathetic. @SweViver shouldn’t say anything because of fools like you who misinterpret EVERY LITTLE WORD HE SAYS. Oh and what a surprise that sjefdeklerk liked your comment ey? You sold you pledge @sjefdeklerk so stop being so salty dawg.