[SkarredGhost] Update Xtal Consumer Ver?



At this time no Xtal Consumer planned according to VRgineers.

RoadToVR also had an update FoV is 180 diagonal.


Was this interview before Vrgineers started working with MRTV, VooDoo and Sweviver for suggestions for a consumer version?


No here is the RdToVR Article from Dec 2018 when it was premised to build a consumer version with working with the 3. Where as SkarredGhost Article is more recent. So hard to say.


I remember watching that Marek interview but I dont remember taking away from it that they werent going to be doing the Consumer version. maybe I need to go back and watch it again :frowning:


This weekend our 3 musketeers signed the NDA for the consumer version of XTAL…
check out their youtube / patreon channels


Heres the latest from MRTV on the XTAL and StarVR


Only caught the end. Any progress made on the consumer version?


I just caught the end as well. Sebastian said wait an hour and it will be ready for replay


Not near future and there is no estimated date but Voodoo mentioned that the purpose of the trip was the consumer version.

Looks like they are working on something very high end but if it will ever see the light of day …


It’s gonna be extremely hard for them to compete with whatever Valve developed. Better they focus on high end prosumer


Yep definitely not coming in 2019. Vrgineers said as much in the feb 2019. It is more of getting a feel atm on gamers expectations & such. Though am sure this is good for the musketeers & a good move on Vrgineers harvesting good experienced testers. But seemed to be the aims of both StarVR & VRgineers after pimax release.

The question will be what compromises & what does the current 180° diagonal FoV translate to. As we know at the Moment pimax’s seems to be 160° - 165° wide with a 200° diagonal.


It’d be excited to see a high end XTAL consumer version with all the bells and whistles. Natural FOV or 180° is a matter of taste, some want maximum immersion while others prefer more ppd. Ultimately we’ll have both.

The thing holding back the VRevolution is the lack powerful enough GPUs, we’ve seen adequate advancements in panels, lenses and bridge chips.

When a large FOV & 4K per eye hmd has to list a 2080ti as minimum requirement it’s not going to be a good business proposition for a consumer device and that’s why we’re not seeing more of them.

I’d guess a 4K device will have similar framerates as the current P8K. Maybe foveated rendereing can save the day, at least all major players are incorporating it in their products (Vive Pro Eye :joy:)

Dunno why SLI is performing so poorly, having one GPU per eye sounds like an ideal case for parallel processing. My guess is NVidia doesn’t want to see three 2060 cards out perform a 2080ti.


I am just interested to see what Xtal’s Horizontal FoV will work out to as they are using Diagonal as well according to RdToVR article. Which means it should be less than Pimax’s 200° diagonal FoV which we know works out to between 160 - 165 horizontal. So a rough guess would make Xtal around 140 - 145 horizontal. Now being 5k (half) like p5k+ it will have a higher ppd & of course the better oled screens(amoled?)

As for Nvidia we know they only like unlocking mgpu for lower end cards. While neither have great performance AMD seems to at least have Better MGPU features & supports I believe all there gpus.


I would give up a little FOV for better resolution & less SDE, 140-145 diagonal should be close to Pimax’s Normal FOV view?


I beleive so but not sure.