Skyrim VR works wonderfully well


Today I installed Skyrim VR.
My opinion is simple and objective: IT’S PERFECT to play on Pimax 4k.
It ran perfectly on the GTX970, is very beautiful and works very accurately with the gamepad!
If you want something new that does not need satellites or VR controllers, Skyrim VR is for you.
And you can find in the most popular trackers. :wink:


Looks okay though myself will wait for a sale. The review i was checking out does mention some tweaks from the modding community.

I would be curious how it compares with things like vorpx & that one you mentioned, was it superdepth3d?


I have tried it on vive and on oddysee. both are excellent (Oddysee better). I Highly recommend that game. I don’t recommend many of the over 500 VR titles I own but this one is stand out the best they have made for VR so far. You can buy it for a 20% discount at Green man gaming , or at least could in Pre release.


I did not buy :stuck_out_tongue:

Bethesda could never charge so much for a mod. I will buy when they lower the price.

But it’s worth the download, it’s Skyrim VR. :slight_smile:
I never test VORPX, costs a lot and everyone complains about the developer.


Yeah but what was that one you mentioned that’s opensource?

Found it


The ReShade VR will take a long time, dev has just released a “conceptual test”.


It looks like the Skyrim SE graphics that it apparently is. It will be interesting to see how if currents mods (or new ones) will work. I have been playing it with Vorpx for months and with 2k textures and many other mods, it is much better looking than this vanilla version. Of course running all the mods and a pixel density of 1.8 pretty much wants a 1080ti to handle all the overhead, but it is sweet. Being able to run it without the Vorpx overhead would likely bring it down into 1080 territory with the desired mods, but that’s a guess. Since I can run it and all the expansions that way, I won’t be replacing it with this version. Especially at the price.
One thing that was being said about the Nexus mods was the non SE version actually looked better with mods made for it than the SE version with mods did. I can’t swear to that myself only having the original though.


Yeah that’s my concern as well. When u consider “Vanishing of Ethan Carter” released a redux for free & charged a small fee for a vr dlc upgrade to the game.

The 1 complaint with Ethan I can understand though; 3 versions of the game with no way to share save game data between them.


How did you run Skyrim VR without a controller?
I get into the first screen that says Press any button but gamepad buttons are not detected, its waiting for vr controller input?


If your gamepad is not “X360”, you need to use the “x360ce gamepad emulator”.
Works perfectly with my generic gamepad.