Small hair or dust on the inside of the lens



I received my Pimax 5K+ last week. I am really satisfied with the headset. I see small distortion on the edge but it’s ok. The only problem i have, is the small hair or dust on the inside of the lens. Is there a possibility to clean the inside of the lens or has anyone already opened it?

By the way i also had the problem with the flickering pixels but the support has already assured me a new cable.


What country? I have pixel issues too, but I’m wating for the USA office to carry them.


Austria, backer #602x


Sadly have the same with my replacement, and the problem is it’s not on the lens, it’s on the screen itself, which you can’t get to without major disassembly.

If you want to check if your dirt is under the lens or on the screen, move the IPD wheel ( which moves the lenses ) and see if the dirt moves in the same or opposite direction.


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Someone has the video link that shows how to remove the lens, I have the same problem, looks like a hair behind the lens.


Pimax 8K & 5K+ Full Review | The Most In-Depth Pimax 8K vs 5K+ Review and Analysis you will find!
1:29:33 LCD Panel utilization + open up lenses


Thanks man, I did some searches but I didn’t think so, now it’s disassemble.


Yes, I also thought that I had trash on the lenses on the back.
Thanks to your cool method, it became clear that garbage is most likely on the screen itself, because specks of dust did not move in the same direction with the lenses … :beers:
However, this does not violate my experience, but it is still unpleasant to observe from the outside.

Somewhere deep down I had long wanted to buy suction cups and pull out the lenses…
It turns out that more detailed disassembly is required to get to the panels.
But I will not do this, because I will need to replace my 8K with 8KX when it comes out.