So I received my Pimax 5k+ with 3 issues



First: I am happy with the pimax 5k+ VERY!

Now to the issues, maybe someone knows a fix or two.

Issue 1: 2 pixels are always white. Its not very noticable in a game but in dark scenes it is.
Issue 2: my screen often shows tiny pixels going bright, it looks kinda like when u see stars caused by eye strain.
Issue 3: i can notice the warping/distortion on the outer edges very much

Issue 3 might get fixed via patches, i dont know.
Issue 2 i dont always have, but quite often
Issue 1 doesnt really bother me that much, since i mostly dont notice it.



RMA it, stuck pixels like that just aren’t OK.


i would RMA if i can send it back once i received a new one.
is that possible?


This is also what I’d like since it takes ages for them to send another one…@ dallas, his @ isn’t showing up for me for some reason


Yeah sounds like Stuck pixels. Congrats on receiving other wise. What day did you receive?


yesterday :slight_smile:

the thing is, if they would actually have checked my headset, b4 sending out, they would have noticed them.
i noticed them day one.

yes DEC 29 xD


As far as the distortion goes, the posts that I’ve been seeing indicate that you have to reposition the headset. I think the distortion is moving the headset either closer or farther from your eyes (as opposed to the ipd settings). In other words, you may need a different thickness of facepad.
Congratulations on your new headset!


yeah ive read about that but i always seem to notice it, no matter how close or far it is away. and any closer would make my eyeballs touch the lense xD


My only other idea would be to ask which of the FOV settings are you using? On the “wide”, the distortion is to be expected (some, anyway) vs on normal it should be ok and narrow should be non-existent, I think.


Sounds like Pimax is crowdsourcing the quality control. That’s why the headset was cheaper to us backers: we have to work for them. :grin:


Other people have commented the distortion is less if you move the headset higher on your face and/or move it away or closer - if you are already as close as you can be try vertical and then try spacing it off too even.


Dallas hat said once that you can keep old HMD until new has arrived


Issue numer 2 isnt the black dots pattern found in all 5k+ headset?.

Dont know if you were aware of it:


Issue 2 is a problem with your cord. Check and make sure it’s seated properly in your headset.


how to? its basicly glued into, no? it looks like i cant do anything with it.

@Dallas.Hao I filed an RMA request in the Pimax Support Center ( SUPEN-713 ).


Are you using normal fov?


yes it happens with normal FOV, i didnt bother trying the other, since the forum said Normal is best of all.


yo, i had to pull it further away then its all gone so you were right man.
thanks! now i need to tell customer support to send me a thicker facecover. … meh


nope, ive never noticed black dots but i see them in the pictures. maybe its a graphic card thing because mine doesnt have it (RTX 2080 20% OC)


Still having dead pixels? and i thought they were using a better method during quality control.