So I received my Pimax 5k+ with 3 issues



Great to hear it worked! Yeah there are generally 2 effects which people call distortion:

  1. The blur around the edges. This can be improved by pushing the HMD further away/closer to your face
  2. Geometric deformation (bending of objects). This can be improved by moving the HMD higher/lower up your face.

There will always be (without eye tracking) a bit of geometry deformation, objects compress near the edges but if you wear the HMD ‘correctly’ this is pretty bearable.

Some people call the sweetspot big, but actually it’s quite small if you want to fix both of those effects, you need to find the exact right position.


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Well, yes it works but still i cant always pull my pimax away
so i have to live with it until Pimax Team sends me a proper face foam :slight_smile:
But it is a relieve, that it can be fixed that easy!


I’ve heard, and I’m counting on it, that the Vive face cushions should work. Rather than waiting for Pimax, you might want to order one thru VR Covers. I’m assuming this one, and then I hope to put on an Eyepillow from Elitegear. For that, I expect to need the Oculus one for the nose part. I’ve got both, so I’m good as long as one of them work.

Both of these should also be available from Amazon.


wow that is very helpful! but ill try to wait it out. its not like its killing me and this month was very expensive with that 1080 ti ebay scam and another 2080 which i actually received. but thank you i bookmarked it!

also for some of you who want to see some beat saber 5k+ footage:


I dunno Rainbow Dash defeated Starscream in a death battle. Lol


Also check a fabricland type store.


I can confirm that the HTC Vive Foam Replacement 14mm works perfectly with the Pimax headset. :+1:

The wearing comfort is IMO much better than with the standard foam. Although it creates a slightly larger gap in the nose area, but this is not disturbing and is quite pleasant in the somewhat narrow space around the nose.

The first models of the VR cover for the CV1 initially also enclosed the nose area. This design was then changed to a nosefree version, because the insert around the nose area could not be fixed properly and always felt a bit sloppy and constricting. (This problem also appears on the third image of the linked Oculus EyePillow.)

Another worth mentioning manufacturer is WIDMOvr. (IMO they produced the best VR Covers for the CV1.) They also offer a HTC VIVE Foam but unfortunately without more details about the height. I wouldn’t go below 14mm, because the distance to the lenses in the Pimax headsets is already a bit tight. 16 or 18mm might be even more enjoyable.


Great to hear its holding up to sweat :grin:


LOL i didnt watch the series xD


Thanks for the confirmation!! Sounds like I’ll be taking the padding right off my Pro and sticking it on the Pimax! Sweet! Between that and my DAS, my OG Vive is becoming highly useful again! :rofl::rofl:



We move your forum thread to feedback category, please do submit a support ticket to SUP.

Our technical support will help you resolve it, please sent out along with your photo and mark these white pixels and bright pixels by using red arrow.


how do you submit a support ticket? And do we have to do that with all bug reports and other problems? Thanks


Is there a simple way to “mark these… by using a red arrow”? I’ve just gone thru the Windows10 image editing software and I don’t see any “red arrows”. Do I need to download one or something? Hopefully they’re not expecting everyone to have professional image editing software, so I’m betting that I’m missing something pretty simple. Thanks!


Nope, I could easily take the cord out of headset.


submit your issue on as a SUP ticket.

along with simple description and attachment for what you have found, we will tracking this issue until it finished.


i will try to get a picture of it. i mean. its tiny pixels. i hope my camera can pick these up :o


And we do need to create a new userID for that, correct? We can’t login with the forum username it seems?


Correct… :+1: