So I received my Pimax 5k+ with 3 issues



alright alright alright, ill try one more time.
this pixel hunt is really grinding my gears lately.


alright, so i tried again and it seems that the tiny dots are smaller than pixels. hence i couldnt get a picture of it. might be dust particles? but why are they flashing white? i really dont get it. but they are like 1/10th size of a pixel. ideas?


I can shoot only dead pixel, but red dot in the black bg is more difficult.

May it need the better camera to shoot it. My mobile can shoot video in the higher resolution (4k) which better than the photo.

p.s. the raw file is easier to see than upload to the youtube, youtube will compress video and it will not see like your mobile.


yeah no my white thing is WAAAAY WAY smaller xD
must be dust particles then


Remove the lens to be certain.


I think lense can help about zooming.


remove your lens to be certain.

i dont need to destroy the thing just to be certain.
i can instead just use my eyes.



yo @Dallas.Hao , might you or someone check my RMA Request / SUPEN-713?
just want to know what we will do about it. im very certain it is dust particles. no pixel issue.
pixels are bigger than that.


Received,Please pay close attention to your SUPEN-713,My colleague Alan will reply you( immediately) and follow this issue.
Contact me if you have problem(private message).


When I removed the lens for some modding, from my Pimax 4K, It was inevitable dust was going to enter. I found that the dust particles looked both larger and smaller than a full pixel.


guys, i finally got a shot of that nasty bugger!
what a relief!


Im not seeing anything in the red circle.




told u its tiny :wink: open up the pic and ull see it. its like 2 pixels


Maybe foam and distortion issues are something off-topic by now :grin:

Since I got the Pimax insert with 11mm and the distance to the lenses felt to be enormously close - the change to the 14mm VR cover was (apart from the comfort gain) also visually an improvement. Regarding positioning and a pleasant eye distance.

The extent to which the distortion varies with different thick inserts can be easily recognized by slightly pressing and pulling. However, this varies depending on the IPD.

On my 8K and IPD 60, Pitool, large FOV, Pi Render 2, the larger the distance between the eyes and the lenses, the higher the barrell distortion. (And below the optimum distance tends to be a cushion distortion) The distortion in the range of 11mm is stronger than at 14mm distance. Whereby the optimal distance for the least possible distortion in the corners with IPD 60 is about 14 / 15mm.

In view of the diversity of face shapes, a 14mm insert is probably a good starting point.

For larger distances between the eyes and lenses (about 18mm-20mm) at the edges, in addition to the distortion, a clear lens blur is recognizable. Due to the steep angle to the corners, the deviation to the optimal viewing angle is the earliest recognizable there. The optimal distance (with IPD 60), in terms of focusing is also in the range of about 14 / 15mm.

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu A distortion free and sharp representation in the corners could be possibly achieved by an individually scalable distortion profile (FOV alignment profile / FAP). Complementing the IPD slider but with a full screen test image and a vertical and horizontal barrell / distortion correction via arrow keys.

A general configuration seems to be hard to find, if this is even possible with these lenses and the actual design. Therefore an additional “FAP setting” would be an optimal solution by that time and would also better meet the great lens design.


LOL, yes correct! #KoreanScandal


Sounds like you really need to dial in the the “FAP” to get the sweet spot, , insert joke here:wink:

My IPD is around 58 depending on which HMD Im using, Im hoping Pimax will ship 3 or 4 different pads in the future. Im backer 2500’s(8K) and 4500’s(5K+) so maybe by the time the 5 K arrives they will have smarted up a bit.

Thanks for the in depth reply!


i did answer 5 minutes later that i will try to provide footage and pictures.
it took me another hour to finally get some footage and a picture of it.
it really annoys me in dark games like Skyrim VR and Elite Dangerous.
can u please have another look into SUPEN-713? alan isnt replying.
thank you very much and i really know that u guys are very busy. no pressure @Dallas.Hao .


Alright guys, Alan wrote me and I will finally get a replacement! :slight_smile:
Good job Pimax Support Team! Much love from germany! <3
Lets all hope this replacement will be flawless.