So I received my Pimax 5k+ with 3 issues



@Dallas.Hao i am sorry to disturb you once more. :confused:
Alan has not confirmed the shipping yet, i had to provide him details which i did
but i got no answer for 3 days. im sorry that i bug you so often about this… <3


Hey guys,
Is it normal to have a constant yellow glow
thrue the lenses?


No it looks like the backlight is not turning off . Have you checked to see if you have the latest firmware installed? Is this yellow glow present when you are using it ?


This could be the detached backlight problem some backers are experiencing


@Alan.sun is apply for replacement.He has confirmed and arrange this for you.


Yes its there when i use it.
Thanks for the reply


Also there is a small opening between the housing and i can see light from the inside.
Dust Can come in and maybe can cause techical problems in the future.
Also it doesnt look premium .


if you RMA it, the first thing u gotta do it hotglue the sealings. im serious.


Sealings from the box?


sealings from the plastic cover
edit: from the new device


I would try a small bead of black silicone as it can be pealed.


thats actually a smart one. thanks!


Thanks for the tip guys, but this should not go this way and maybe they can ad something to the design to prevent this on futere models . Like an extra layer underneath the housing so they dont have to rely on both side’s of the headsets to perfectly fit eachother.


@Dallas.Hao Can you confirm, that my 5k+ is on its way to me? :x ( SUPEN-713 )
Sorry for pinging you so often about this. I am a very anxious personality :slight_smile: