So pimax software responsible for all my 2.0 and knuckles tracking problem



@Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA any ideas what is wrong?

Ive get perfect tracking for a while then the issues start,controllers will intermittently dissapear (one at a time) or one off my controllers will shot of into the distance or just shot to the ground and stay there.Anyone else got issues with valve hardware and pimax


I’m using the 5K+ with a 2.0 basestation too, and initially had some issues with the tracking, it was glitching back and forth in the headset view, moving away the base station and installing it on the wall a little over 2 meter height solved all the tracking problems.

It looks like using the newer base stations closer than 2 meters distance may cause unreliable tracking…

It is interesting what Steam support told you about the OpenVR advanced settings tough…


I apologize if you have already tried this, but the only thing that the support engineer said that he knew had cause some people problems was the OpenVR Advanced settings.

Have you tried uninstalling that and maybe reinstalling steamVR in case it has messed with some settings?

Edit: Though with the disconnection issue it sounds more likely to be a hardware related issues (including interference) or a Pimax implementation issue. But it can’t hurt to try.


Yeah ive tried removing advanced settings also know of 4 other onward league players with the same issues,its definetly not hardware though as all works fine on the vive and pimax works fine with wands


Ah, that is unfortunate. Sounds most likey Pimax hardware or software related then.

Have you created a “SUPEN” in Odoo support system? You might also @ mention SweViver since you are in the EU support area.