So Star vr one is awesome. What the hell just happened?


This is the main reason why someone has to create a thread to define all the tests that the 100 testers have to perform in Berlin.

But I can’t create that thread because I’m under NDA.



As Sjef says, any tests would have to be of the kind which you can perform with any given game Pimax chooses to demo, without any use of further software and within 10 minutes, and subtract the time the backers say „Wow!“ to the FoV, etc…

I am afraid that will be almost impossible. And, if you want to perform tests which you believe Pimax want to avoid - guess what, it‘s their forum here, they are eavesdropping on us… they would know what‘s coming and find a way to prevent it, e.g. by choosing the „right“ games which will not allow for easy detection of the issues.

Whatever Pimax decide to do and decide to allow or prohibit, all these tests will be performed on the release version once it‘s out in the wild. And if the publications like Tom‘s Hardware and RoadtoVR have unkind words for it it will limit its success in retail quite a bit. Some issues may simply not be resolved, but if at some stage there is an open discussion about them and Pimax say that they have tried what they feel they could do but have to draw a line in the sand now, it may create a greater appreciation by Kevin‘s and Ben‘s in such redactions and lead to less negative opinions about the flaws. But sure, you expose yourself a bit, that‘s undeniable.

I guess there is nothing we can do about it now, let‘s await the feedback from next week.


Sorry, but I do not want to consume my energy on a topic we can not handle here.
Remember we experienced a similar thing a month ago.
I think if testers are faithful to their duties, I will not have to argue further here.
M2 will now show off to backers in Berlin, let’s watch it.


Well, if you want to direct your energy to something useful, then I think @Neoskynet’s suggestion is a very good one. We should think of tests to perform in Berlin. Even given the restraints I think we can think of some things. If we know the list of software that will be tested, we might look for example readability of some text in some game, things like that.

I think we all agree that we don’t want Pimax to release a HMD that’s not performing as good as we want it to. So we need ways to determine that during the Berlin test.


This BTW is wrong. Tester’s opinions don’t seem to matter anymore. They’re not giving the green light, but Pimax wants to release ASAP without green light it seems.


I’m sorry I don’t understand how the backers in Berlin demo can improve 8K? If Pimax has been told about these problems by the testers, but it seems they do nothing about it, maybe these problems simply can not be resolved in the current setup?


Well, everything CAN be resolved of course. It will cost time and money though. I figured (but I might be wrong here) that Pimax was organizing the Berlin event to hear from the backers if they liked the HMD good enough for release or that Pimax should improve it. However with 5-10 minutes of testing per person this is going to be difficult/next to impossible. So honestly I’m getting quite confused with all of this.

Then again, maybe @D3Pixel might be correct and that the reason behind the meeting is just to make backers choose between 5k or 8k. I guess that would make more sense indeed.


I’m confused too. We all want 8K to be perfect but I do understand that there are some limitations within current level of tech. But with so much conflicting messages I am lost as to what issues/limitations are there with 8K and if and how they can be resolved.


I would just wait & see what comes of the Demonstration results.

Truthfully no Tester can comment on the m2 as none of them have seen the results if their feedback being implemented.

The meet will either Sink or Swim by the results; until them it’s all wishy washy speculations; good ir bad.

The Truth as @sjefdeklerk will be revealed then & not before. It is ashame that only appears 3 Testers are able to attend the initial meet.


Don’t forget “we have Business partners that will take unclaimed units”

Meaning that business partners as they said have reviewed current progress & find it acceptable for their application(s).

However if they started to fill Business orders without giving backers the option to decide due to no green light given by Testers… And backers found out?

I think I might choose to go on vacation for a week & let the dust settle. Understandably backers would be upset with pimax for not honoring backers first & angry at the Testers for not giving the green light.

“WTH! If businesses think it’s fine; why are the Testers keeping us from receiving the hesdsets?”

Business Orders are likely income & needed to keep things flowing. So a difficult decision for pimax to need to do this as it initially made Testers feel their efforts were not appreciated & respected.


An easy path to organize backers:



It appears sub pixel arrangement for these custom OLED screens is Delta Triad Full RGB.

Source (en Français) :


What does this mean in lamens terms? that the picture is a lot sharper or something?


That means Pimax5K BE when you add all this modules StarVR already got will cost the same if it not more.
About performance StarVR is way better and Pimax5K could not come close to it. If they decide to enter to consumer version will be cheeper than 5K+ so if you are not Backer think twice should you preorder it or not.


Not entirely true.

StarVR One will have the benefits of Oled RGB vs RGB Lcd. Better contrast & such.

But StarVR is at considerably less Resolution than 5k+ & costs considerably more due to Custom Oled screens & built in Eye Tracking.

Cost & real performance has yet to be quantified like the price. But yes it should be better or equal to the 5k BE & they said even with the exceptional low Res for the FoV claim no SDE.


I hope Star Vr make a cheaper consumer version without eye tracking. It’s only 1440p


I posted this in MRTV’s StarVR One’s Discord sub-channel but I’ll go ahead and post it here as well…

I was extremely excited about buying the StarVR, knowing full well that it will most likely cost upwards of $3000-$5000USD. However, after reading this article:

…and now after having read Arachnus’ comments, my excitement has been somewhat deflated. I really want his headset, but NOT if it’s going to prohibit me from enjoying and running all my SteamVR supported racing games, which is all I play. It’s obvious games like Assetto Corsa, Iracing, and RFactor 2 support VR but neither of them support foveated rendering or eyetracking.

The only racing game that APPEARS to be on the list of games that will fully support all the features of the StarVR is Project Cars 2. They have Slightly Mad Studios listed as a dev partner and they also have a short animated GIF of the game running on their website to demonstrate the smaller to large FOV difference.

This is a strong indicator that PCars 2 will indeed be fully supported. But…the question remains…if Project Cars 2 is indeed the only racing game that will take advantage of the foveated rendering and eye-tracking features of the unit, will it be worth buying the StarVR for a racing game obsessed addict like me? I’ve already completed the game but there’s still a lof of life left in it.

If Kunos Studios on the other hand, was also onboard as a supported developer partner with StarVR, and Assetto Corsa was on the list as one of the other racing games to take advantage of the StarVR’s foveated rendering and eye-tracking features, it would make my decision to get one much MUCH easier, since AC is my favorite racing sim of all time.

Thoughts? Opinions?


Sure, but we always knew that to take full advantage of foveated rendering the game engine needs to support it. You can still play the game without foveated rendering. Keep in mind that the HMD will at least ALWAYS be able to do the distortion rendering foveated.

I’ve just read the review and he seems pretty much as positive as the other reviewers (sebastian, VoodooDe). Only he added 2 things slightly negative:

  1. He could see the difference between the sharp, foveated part, and the other part. In a perfect world you wouldn’t even notice.
  2. He could see the seem where the different view ports connect.

Other than that he’s extremely positive about the super immersive FoV, colours etc. I’m still interested in this HMD but will first try the Pimax 5k+, wait for StarVR to set a price and then see if I figure it’s worth the upgrade (I’m sure also more reviews will appear)


Hey could this be another Vive pro with extended warranty? Or somthing else :wink:


Fingers crossed they have somthing to compete with Star VR