So Star vr one is awesome. What the hell just happened?


But thats 105 horizontal per eye. So that compares to a normal Fov HMD so I’m just saying, that’s even worse resolution than a 1440p HMD over 105 degrees FoV.

In other words, I’m disappointed by this resolution. It’s going to yield SDE for sure.


Which is a fair bit less than 2560*1440 per eye.


…And it’s AMOLED: even more SDE. But there is also the magnification of the lenses.


Which already gives way too much SDE for my liking


I still want to see real tests on FoV considering Ben’s review of Panasonic 220FoV he ssid he coukd really feel the FoV compared to StarVR & pimax.


but full RGB , so should be a bit better than Vive Pro, but anyway they will focuse on commercial software that mean if game x or y will have problem they not going to fix it with high priority…


Indeed the psvr being rgb helped it alot.


No release date? - that has to put this in Q2 of next year at the earliest or they’d be announcing a date for the holiday season 2018 or shortly thereafter…

In certain circles this kind of announcement and its timing might be called running interference.



I don’t know where we found 105° per eye, but vertically, the resolution average comes out: 1464/130=ca.11.26ppd, which is somewhere between Vive and Rift CV1 editions, albeit full RGB.

StarVR claims a 16ppd peak, though, which would be in the center of the view, and not inconceivable…

(assuming the same average ppd horizontally as vertically, I guesstimated 162° FOV per eye, and 114° stereo overlap.)


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The display type and rendered resolution is really the elephant in the room here.

Given they claim full RGB with AMOLED this could be very well better quality than what the Pimax 5k is able to deliver. It really comes down to how the sub pixel pattern is laid out and how the unlit area is causing SDE.
The resolution could/should be on par with the 5k but then colour detail can add to clarity and details.
Even though they claim foveated rendering they ask for a GTX1080 minimum.
But given the problems Pimax faced with the connection cable and image processing, do they transmit a full resolution uncompressed picture?
Lot’s of uncertainties still. :smile_cat:

What i like here is
AMOLED, but that could be awfully expesive; Inside Out tracking and integrated eye tracking.

I doubt it will a better deal than the KS-version of the 5k for 350$ :sunglasses: but competition in big FOV is very good, we need that in one way or another to see progress overall.


I tend to think the resolution would have been chosen around keeping sde minimal whilst not using more pixels than necessary. The rgb stripe allows for less pixels with same amount of sde.

We know from the required pc specs for this and 8k that using even more pixels at this point in time is likely to just lead to a poorer experience, as we won’t be able to produce the frame rates.

Foveated rendering may become real, fairly soon. The Nvidia presentation mentioned a chip on the Quadro card which is for…wait for it…foveated rendering!

You guys are funny. Let’s move a hmd that people might want more than 8k to the accessories section. Yeah it’s an accessory. Relax, there’s plenty of things people want more than an 8k yet here we are having bought an 8k.


The category alsi states gadgets. Figured better here thqn buried in general. & it relates to category


Dissapointing they implement foveated rendering then run with last years 1440p OLED tech. Unless these screens are truly optimised for VR I dont think you could call it next gen. That’s less percieved resolution than the samsung Odyssey


True, that certainly does worry me. Really looking forward to a good review to learn more about it but I agree that this isn’t too promising.


Indeed it will be great to see what @mixedrealityTV & @VoodooDE have to say once they review it.

It is curious with dropping resolution as we have been told the 5k can do 90hz. Meaning StarVR’s new headset only has the benefits of oled like contrast as a key screen benefit.


I think it will still have some slight advantages over the Pimax 8k. I guess SDE is going to be about the same, resolution will be about the same, bit higher FoV, slightly higher refresh rate, better colours, better lenses, no distortion problems (?). But if this can justify the (maybe much) higher price … That’s to be seen.

Main disappointment to me is the resolution …


Well Resolution wise i think it pairs more against the 5k than 8k Overall.


Not if the rumors in the grapevine are true that the Pimax 8k lenses only use 50% of the panel size … Then the resolution effectively will be about the same IF this thing uses about 100% of the panel (which of course is to be seen)