So Star vr one is awesome. What the hell just happened?


I just hope that this is not the reason why they still keep up the NDA. With bad thoughts they just want to check on the rift/vive users that will of course (probably me as well since I only have vive) scream yeahy. You‘re right by saying that 50 (or a significant) low amount of percent display utilization is performance down the drain. That would suck big time! So let‘s just hope that they found a workaround.


I wish I could answer this definitively for you, but it’s hard to say. I wasn’t able to do a direct comparison between the StarVR DK1 overlap and the StarVR One. I will say that in my latest hands-on yesterday, the amount of overlap didn’t bother me immediately so that’s a good sign, but I do think I could ‘feel’ it being lower than I’m used to with headsets like Rift and Vive. To what extent, and how much it will ultimately matter, will require some more controlled tests and more time in the headset I’m afraid.


I honestly can’t see screen utilization dropping from 80% to 50%. Now I could see Binocular overlap area utilizing 50% of the screen. Of which may result in 19802160 panel resolution or 15362160 (50% of 80%=40%) per eye.

But not that the lenses only “see” 50% of the overall panel. Plus if you did only see 50% of the entire panel you couldn’t have the large FoV as the 50% per eye ends up being like 1 16:9 panel so only a 100° FoV. Lol

We’ll just need to wait & see the Results of the Backer meetup. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


True & to be expected as Rift & Vive etc; I believe have 100% Binocular Overlap due to limited FoV.

The one user above though inquired about StarVR One having the possibility of Virtual Link connector. From the pic from your article it appears cables are not detachable from the headset or does it have a removable panel?

Btw - as always want to thank you for making time to participate here. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Interesting. So you’re saying that the Pimax 8k resolution & SDE should be better than the Pimax 4k SDE & resolution (twice the resolution spread over less than twice the FoV). We’ll see what the backers will think next week. There surely must be some guys who own a Pimax 4k and they should be able to tell.


Read more carefully please. At 50% panel in the main view area it could be equal to the 4k (though looked much better imho in the v2). At 40% it would have less in the main viewing area. Not to be considered peripheral view area.

Your claim the lense only “sees” 50% of the screen would decrease the FoV to 1 4k panel as the aspect ratio per eye at half of the panel horizontally would be 8:9(just like the 4k).

Now at 50% main view 19802160 peripheral 10922160 (using 80% overal screen utilization) per eye.

Now at 40%(50% of 80%) main area 15362160 peripheral area would equal 15362160.

The First would be equal to the 4k in theory. The 2nd scenario would be less and not likely look that good.

But your right the backer meet will make things clear & be based on facts instead of speculations that may have no foundation on facts on either side.

If census say it’s bad then it’s not equal to the v2 I experienced. But I do have an actual baseline to guage upon with what I have read by personal experience. Though I haven’t personally tried the m1 & no one generally speaking has experienced the m2(save maybe 1; but is quite honorable imo & will not reveal anything). How about yourself; any hands on experience with the 8k?


Look, I’m not the bad guy here. People will find things out anyway, so there’s really no use in trying to hide it. We both know the Pimax 8k lenses only can see half of the panel. It’s pimax current decision to not change the lenses anymore but at least keeps things real and tell the backers what the deal is, because they will find out anyway. At least, that would be my advice.

But I agree, let’s see what the backers will say next week may be they don’t even mind. Especially people who never tried a pimax 4k might not even see it. And people who will notice also might not even mind. In the end it’s not about numbers but about the experience. Now that is the last I will say about it.


No I don’t as I have not seen the m1 in person. And use math. If you could only see a total of 50% of a 16:9 panel you get 8:9 & 2 8:9 Panels makes 16:9 which we know 1 4k panel gives around a FoV similar to standard FoV headsets.

Heres a pic. Now this is just multi monitors FoV calculater.

Link to site


They don’t have 100% overlap actually, far from it. More details on this soon ; ).

Right now StarVR has cables with two USB-C plugs on the end, one for each display. They have and adapter box which splits out video and power, allowing them to plug into contemporary cards. They said they will be able to employ VirtualLink, IIRC, but since they need two USB-C anyway, most cases might end up just sticking with the adapter box, until some card comes along with two USB-C, or in rare cases where you’d use one USB-C on an SLI setup.

Happy to chime in when I can. This forum is lucky to have you!


Please let me know more clearly. How do you know this?

I could see 80% even in my diy VR.

You make me think that I have to doubt the technology of pimax.


Thanks Ben for the vote of confidence; it means a lot coming from someone of your expertise! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I suppose the size of the FoV will affect the elliptical shape of the visible area through the lens which will have to be put in relation to the rectangular display. And of course it is easy to perceive that the four edges of the display may not be seen at all. I only would tend to believe that the greater FoV will result in a greater coverage rather than a smaller FoV, but then of course possibly in more distortion which may result in the colour information of a single pixel within the generally visible area may get lost nevertheless because it is overpowered towards the eye (after passing the lenses) by the adjacent pixels.
But I am really completely talking out of my ass here, I have no real understanding of the optical effects, not even of the relevant mathematical issues, so could be utterly wrong here.


You don’t have to believe me. But I’m just hoping backers who will visit Berlin at least CONSIDER that what I’m saying might be right and that they analyze very carefully the SDE/resolution of the Pimax 8k and how it compares to the Pimax 4k. If I’m wrong, then then Pimax 8k res/SDE should be better than the 4k’s (twice the pixels over less than twice the FoV). If I’m right though then the SDE/resolution should be considerably worse than the Pimax 4k.

Then I guess Pimax engineers should talk to you :slight_smile: It would be a HUGE improvement if the Pimax 8k could use 80% of the panel


It’s easy to see the desktop through the lens.
Here is my video.

Well, pimax 8k does not support extended mode, so it can not be detected by this method.

Anyway, as far as I know, 50% is ridiculous. It must have been misunderstood about the lens.


Are you going to Berlin? I’m hoping somebody with Pimax 4k experience goes so he can do a good judgement.


The easy thing to do is to remove the lens, measure the distance between the panel and where the lens was, then put the lens above some paper at that same distance, then mark the edges you can see on the paper and measure it. I guess the people at the Berlin demonstration wont allow this though, LOL. But folks surely will try this when the HMD gets shipped.

If Pimax kept this a secret and then backers will find out after they all have received the HMD, I’m sure all hell would break lose. It’s much better to address the issue first, talk openly about it to the backers and then let the backers make the decision: ship now, or wait for another lens. Open, fair, honest and best for everybody. In any scenario I always believe in that’s simply the best way of doing business.


If I go to Berlin (of course I can not go.:grin:) I’ll look at myphone’s screen with my eyes as close as possible to the pimax 8k lens.
Of course I will do not look at the front, but I will look at it obliquely.


Well if you have read Ben’s (RoadToVR) comments here. While he can’t give any specifics he has tried a more recent pimax 8k. So as he said at ces 2018 on the v5; pimax will contact him when they have something to show. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Hmm too bad you can’t go. Either way, the truth will always prevail. Look at what happened to Volkswagen and that damn Diesel scandal. Those idiots thought they could cheat their customers and got BURNED for it. People will ALWAYS find out the truth, so it’s best to not even try to hide things.


One helluva magic trick to stretch a 16:9 image over 180 horizontal FoV & not look like a 4:3 image on a 16:9 as Tested first remarked on the first 8k v2 review.

If so they are extremely talented. Lol