So Star vr one is awesome. What the hell just happened?


Nice!!! Really hoping @benz145 will do the test I just described to measure the max size a lens can see! Anyway, I’ll shut up about it now :wink:


Not so much. StarVR is using 4:5 image panels to attain their wide Fov with 100% panel usage. It’s all about lens optics


Well it suggests Ben was asked for his assessment of their progress is my guess. Of course no idea of the results of such.

Why we need to wait & see how things go, good or bad. Though I am wagering on a decent reveal. But only time will show what is to what is believed.



Good. I do not think you need to mention here that the “Pimax 8k lens can only see half of the panel” as long as you can not present the evidence on the forum.
It only confuses everyone in the forum, including me.
So let’s watch the Berlin meetup.


Sure it will confuse people. However the important thing is that people will also much more closely look at the resolution/SDE to figure out if there’s any truth to my statement. I think that’s good for everybody.

If people would find out after Pimax ships the HMD and all hell breaks lose, then who wins? We all lose, backers AND Pimax.


Yeh, you’re right. I think it is your talent.:grin:


Seriously, at this point that NDA is just a horrible thing. With the help of the testers the HMD improved a lot. Yet there are still some issue’s, why try to hide those from the backers at this point? A recent poll showed that almost EVERYBODY now wants the freaking NDA to be removed. It’s really sad that Pimax wants to keep it…

Oh well…


I think it’s good that people don’t believe everything they’re told and are critical. We in the Spanish testers group have checked the lenses and even the panels. We even compared them to the Pimax 4Ks. Obviously, we’ll discuss the results when Pimax lift the NDA.


So you are supporting what @sjefdekler said about the use 50% of the panels in the M1 8K ???.. Sorry you can not tell :smirk:


I’m starting to doubt this will ever happen … IMHO it’s just getting really stupid now. It really seems Pimax wants to hide the current issue’s that are left, present the HMD to the backers in Berlin, hope that they won’t find the issue’s and that they give the green light…

But … it just doesn’t make sense. Pimax doesn’t need green light from anybody, they can put the ‘finished’ stamp on it now and start shipping. So I’m really confused here why there’s all the secrecy, why they’re now doing the Berlin demo AND keep the NDA in place, that just doesn’t make sense. Besides, like I said, if people will find out the issue’s AFTER pimax has shipped the HMD’s to the backers (and they WILL find out), then people will get much more angry and unhappy …

Lifting the NDA is the only reasonable thing to do at this point IMHO, have an open discussion with the backers: do you like the HMD like this or should we continue developing. OR just screw the backers, put the ‘finished’ stamp on it and send the HMD’s out. But this ‘middle ground’ that Pimax is now following is just weird and stupid.


I’m just saying this in case anyone was wondering if any tester would have bothered to analyze the hardware specifications beyond measuring the horizontal FOV.


Really happy to hear you Spanish testers have done tests like this! That’s exactly the kind of stuff that should be done, much respect for this!


Well, but that’s just half the truth. They did cheat, and got burned. Problem is, most other manufacturers are cheating too (ever tried to get your car’s mileage fit the specs ? Good luck !!), but some will get burnt much less, some will get away completely. Volkswagen did it in a more obvious way due to certain reasons but the truth here is that not everybody is being punished the same way for the same kind of cheat… that’s life. Life is not always fair, truth doesn’t always prevail… and some can even run office for almost a year now spreading alternative facts all over the place… don’t tell me anything about the victory of truth… sigh


I hope that 8K will happen like 4K in its begining… “software refinement”… take time (almost a year LOL) but at the end will be “good”. :sweat_smile:


Indeed Volkswagen in Canada got caught putting code in their ecm to detect Emissions test equipment & cheat the test.

Samsung had or has code in their smartphones that when running a benchmark it dials settings up to get better results. Lol

Gigabyte & many gpu makers advertise theorectic output based on optimal conditions. Although most of the Electronic biz does this.

Quality Audio advertised wattage in RMS; where others use peak values for higher numbers.

TV manufacturers love Dynamic Contrast.

The list is exhausting.


It is. But I wouldn’t call these good examples of how to run a company. Either you make a good product and explain honestly to customers what it can do, or don’t do anything at all (or better: create a better product). At least that’s how I see it. If you have to cheat and lie your way to money then something is wrong and you won’t be doing it for a long time, that’s for sure, sooner or later you’ll get caught.


Just what universe do you come from? In this one, the name of the game is to lie, cheat, and steal for as much money as you can squeeze out of your victims. All the way from corrupt politicians, corrupt businessmen, Corrupt bankers, the list can go on forever. There is no honesty or fairness left in this world on a any scale. Even on an individual scale most are in the game only for themselves. Best get used to it, It is in the nature of human kind to want to succeed at any cost.


I am starting to understand the problem. Your test assumes Parallel magnification. Which works with regular headsets as the screens are parallel to the lenses.

I am still at work & will see about going into more detail.

But to honor Op’s topic will start a new seperate discussion.


The Outer Limits; Please stand by. Lol


And I bet you have many items from companies that do this & continue to buy from them.

At least Automakers are now forced to contact owners with recalls.