So Star vr one is awesome. What the hell just happened?


Wow, that’s an extremely pessimistic world view, which I most certainly don’t share. Sure there’s corruption everywhere but there are so many positive minds, selling products they believe in, who love what they are doing. I know personally quite a few entrepreneurs and they’re all very decent, hardworking people, doing the right thing (as far as I can tell of course). It’s really nowhere as bad as you make it seem.


Some for sure. Like I literally HATE Nvidia, yet I’ll keep buying their products, cause there’s simply no alternative. However in most businesses there is an alternative and it happens quite often that I choose a product/service not only the product/service itself but also on how I view the company.


My purchasing choices are always influenced by my perception of the company. I still end up buying some products from companies I don’t like though too.
Given an alternative I will avoid them.
I don’t eat meat because being cruel to other beings is just not on for me. Animals can be raised and killed without cruelty but no one around here seems to do that anymore. There’s more profit in cruelty and that’s the way they went. I don’t pay people to abuse animals on my behalf.
Unfortunately I still pay nVidia to abuse gamers.


I think 50% or 80% is not important, because we focus on the last result of fov and edge distortion.

But pimax can develop next headset by reference from the current headset, they can decrease the display size for low weight or expand from 50% to 100% and get more fov with the new lenses. That is story in the future.

We ever serious about 80% because we want more fov (we hope that it can become 210 or 220 in that time, but I think the distortion is more seriously right now).


Of course, but they are NEVER the big names in industry, and certainly not Nvidia, Intel, AMD etc. :slight_smile:


Then maybe you can start to show them that you don’t get caught in their hype traps, say them “NO”, show them you’re too much informed to get the “crumbs” they try to keep selling you, ask new technology that you found out can be already done and put on the market, inform others of the same things you found out…(add your ideas here) :wink:

This is how we can decide what products companies sell us, it’s all in your hands…not the opposite.

Being enslaved is ALWAYS a choice.


You never get on top when you are playing mister nice guy. There are competitors, there are resources you want to have as cheap as possible. For a cheap mass VR HMD. There are ETA’s or customer goes to competitor. There are things no one has influence over. Egomaniac worldleaders who influence international markets and makes everybody pay more for everything.

Try being decent, nice, humble and hardworking. Those are not the ones we are remembering in the history. Bill Gates was no mister nice. Now he has all the money, he can be the one annihilate malaria. Steve Jobs was not a nice man. No leader of a company is nice.

I do think you have a nice and decent friends who you think they are decent, hardworking and doing the right thing.

It is a dog-eat-dog world out there. Even your nice and decent friends, @sjefdeklerk. Try having a different approach and you’ll notice. They have a laugh with you and they continue doing what they do. Making you no wiser, or richer. As long as you are not interfering with their business.


Bill Gates (and other names) is going to be in jail soon…and not remembered for what you wrote above, just exactly the opposite, for doing an HUGE damage to humanity with things you are not aware of, just wait and see…

There has been already an huge mass leaving of CEO’s and important business names of the industry in the last three years, and it’s because when a tsunami is about to hit the shore, the parasites often leave…except the most stupid and corrupt ones that can not conceive of not holding on to their (supposed) power.

Just some food for thought…


If you are not more specific than that, it looks a lot like Qanon-ish predictions and evasion tactics… :expressionless:


I’ll just say to you that being informed is VERY MUCH different from being “opinionated”, and that today, with all the information and material that is available on the net, being ignorant of all the information that is out (and not only what comes from the tastes you like…) is only a choice nowdays…

But of course you can wait until the point that the truth comes from the mainstream sources you like and give faith to…

Sry everyone, offtopic…


Oh I’m not denying that at all. Of course everybody fights primarily for their own success in this world, that’s what capitalism is and I actually like that a lot. I think competition is wonderful. And yeah, you don’t have to be a ‘nice guy’ to become succesful, that’s correct too. Steve Jobs was an asshole, which btw was the main reason I never bought an iphone (that’s what I meant when I said my purchase decisions also depend on how I view a company). But ‘not a nice guy’ is really something different than a criminal/liar/cheat.

But what I’m saying is that it’s a much better business model to just try to become the best at something than to try to lie, steal and cheat your way to the top. Sure, if you can’t, because you’re not good enough, then it becomes much more interesting to lie and cheat. But if you’re good at what you do, you’ll focus on that instead. Why take the risk to destroy your own business by doing unethical or even illegal things if you don’t need to? I’m sure that ex CEO of Volkswagen thinks that too now, from his prison cell :slight_smile:


I wonder where (some of) you take the optimism from that there is any indication that things are changing for a better world. Just for God‘s sake look at Trump and he survives one lie or bs tweet after the other and hasn‘t been impeached; and Europe is having a couple of democracies going down the drain with hardly anybody in the affected countries stepping up to defend independent justice system, ect…
No, I cannot see so many positive signs, rather to the opposite. But this is now seriously off-topic…


Well that’s a whole different discussion. One which usually is horrible to have anyway, because political discussion are stupid, nobody ever changes their mind and people will only get aggressive :slight_smile:


Because the tester that leaked the M1 testing issues is talking with @sjefdeklerk, like the first time. He knows things that normal backers dont no, and have absolute confidence of what his saying. So yes i believe that pimax lens can only see half the panel, or the “tester” is fooling him.


Read this topic


I have a lot of information about what you are talking about because I am the Spanish tester (specifically from Barcelona) who has done all these tests personally with the M1 and I have validated them with the other colleagues from Barcelona who came to my house. But unfortunately I can’t explain anything because I’m under the NDA.

The best thing that can happen is that the 100 backers who go to Berlin create a thread detailing a series of tests to perform. I can’t explain the best tests you can do because unfortunately I am under NDA.

I take the NDA very seriously, sorry.


Vive Pro, XTAL, StarVR One - is there something wrong with VR sector?

I understand you can’t go into details. BUT you could maybe reply to the topic Heliosurge just linked in the post above, that wouldn’t break NDA. Would be really interesting to hear your thoughts, he basically said you tested incorrectly. BTW, big props and respect for all your work @Neoskynet


I can’t answer @Heliosurge post because I would have to explain too much and I’m under NDA.

@Heliosurge doesn’t have the M1s and hasn’t done all these tests that I have. It’s hard to explain if you don’t see it with your own eyes and my explanations. Even the colleagues from Barcelona had to come to my house and spend a whole day doing tests to understand it.

But no problem, I will explain to @Heliosurge in the private testers forum all the details for him to understand as best as possible. Heliosurge is very collaborative and I am sure he will do his best to understand it.

In order to improve the Pimax 8K, it would be best for the testers to do the right tests in Berlin. That’s the most important thing right now, because we can’t explain anything because we’re under NDA.



I agree but I’m afraid that’s difficult since it’s a very controlled setup, with limited software that they will let you try. I think if some experienced Pimax 4k users will see the PImax 8k, they can form an opinion. But it wont be more than that, an opinion, because for facts the testers would need to run tests that they’re not allowed to do.


Pffff man all this sucks so hard. Not sure why Pimax doesn’t just kill the NDA, so we can all discuss the current situation. Is it’s really Pimax plan to hide as much as possible until after the release? What good is that going to do anybody? People will get angry after the HMD is sent out, everybody loses … Sigh