So that's the situation: It was long, it was upsetting but finally Pimax honored his order ( English and French version )


  • English Version :

I write this message to encourage those who are still waiting and uncertain to receive their HMD. I know that some people went through a lot worse than me. I apologize if it irritates some of you, I nevertheless suggest they read my message because I give some advice that could help them and confirm what many have already mentioned on this forum.

I made a pre-order around mid November 2018. Following this one I went through the following steps:

  • Absence of information.
  • Exceptional waiting times.
  • Frustration of seeing orders and pre-orders later than mine delivered long before me.
  • Concern about the receipt of my purchase.
  • The feeling to have potentially been a victim of fraud.
  • Answers to my claims always below my expectations.
  • Etc 

Finally, after all these steps, the delivery of my purchase has arrived. I think that my experience is a little bit better than average Pimax buyer experience. A backer waits two years and sometimes more; seven months minimum for a pre-order and a little less for an order. Despite all these difficulties I think Pimax really intends to honor his orders, as I said in another post (I find it hard to read this exchange (English and French versions)

However a customer must be treated a way better. There are rules that Pimax is not able to respect yet. Anyway, if you’re ready to endure this “grueling ride” you should definitely get your purchase. And that’s the most important. Concerning the advice mentioned above here is what I can tell you:

1- Pimax has serious difficulties because of the language barrier.

In other words, if you want to understand the struggle, it’s pretty much like you read Chinese. When pimax read your last name, first name and address it’s like you try to read this: ç„äœ ć„œèżă€‚

We don’t even have the same alphabet or the same letters shape. In the same way a tiny mistake of accent in a word does not change anything to us but in their writing the slightest line is essential to the global comprehension of a word. So try to imagine an overworked shipping service trying to find out the difference between your address, your name, the meaning of your claim or your thoughts about the weather :slight_smile:

2- The solution you can implement if you want to have a chance to be heard:

  • Create an account at this address:

(This is your best chance to have an answer. Make very short sentences to explain what you want. Don’t talk about your life pimax people won’t understand plus they haven’t time to read your babbling :slight_smile: and it could be a source of error for them.)

  • Present the information on that format:

Short and concise claim.

Name :

Headset version :

Address :

City :

Region :

Country :

Postal code :

Phone number :

Email address :

  • Then wait for at least four days between each demand. Always stay concise.

Well I hope that these advice will be useful to you. I am now in the new privileged category of those who are waiting for base stations and controllers to finally enjoy their purchase. Pimax is a company that has potential. I hope they will be able to improve their procedure. I plead that we give them a chance to do so.

  • French Version :

Salut la communauté

J’écris ce message pour encourager ceux qui sont encore dans l’attente et dans l’incertitude de recevoir leur Casque RV. Dans le rĂ©cit que je vais faire je sais pertinemment que certains ont traversĂ© bien pire que moi. Je m’excuse pour l’agacement que ce message pourrait susciter chez eux mais je leur suggĂšre nĂ©anmoins de lire mon message car je donne quelques conseils qui pourraient les aider et qui confirment ce que plusieurs ont dĂ©jĂ  Ă©voquĂ© sur ce forum.

J’ai effectuĂ© une prĂ©commande aux alentours de mi Novembre 2018. Suite Ă  celle ci je suis passĂ© par les Ă©tapes suivantes :

  • Absence d’informations.
  • DĂ©lais d’attentes hors norme.
  • Frustration de voir des commandes et prĂ©commandes plus tardives que la mienne livrĂ©es longtemps avant moi.
  • InquiĂ©tude quant Ă  la rĂ©ception de mon achat.
  • Impression d’avoir potentiellement Ă©tĂ© victime d’une fraude.
  • RĂ©ponse Ă  l’ouverture d’une rĂ©clamation effective mais en deçà de mes attentes.
  • Etc

En dĂ©finitive, aprĂšs toutes ces Ă©tapes, la livraison de mon achat est enfin arrivĂ©e. Je pense que l’expĂ©rience qui Ă  Ă©tĂ© la mienne se situe dans la moyenne haute de ce que va devoir traverser un acheteur de Pimax. De mĂ©moire l’attente Ă  pu aller au delĂ  de deux ans pour un Backer, elle peut aller jusqu’à environ sept mois voire plus pour une prĂ©commande si on s’en tient Ă  ce que l’on voit aujourd’hui et un petit peu moins pour une commande. Mais le point encourageant est que en dĂ©pit de tout ce qui ne va pas je pense que Pimax Ă  vraiment l’intention d’honorer ses commandes, comme je l’avais partagĂ© dans un autre post (I find it hard to read this exchange (English and French versions).

Cependant un client doit ĂȘtre mieux traitĂ© que ça. Il y a des rĂšgles Ă  respecter que Pimax n’est pas encore capable aujourd’hui de mettre en Ɠuvre. Mais quoi qu’il en soit, si vous ĂȘtes prĂȘt Ă  endurer ce roadtrip Ă©prouvant vous devriez en dĂ©finitive obtenir votre achat. Et cela reste tout de mĂȘme le point principal. Concernant les conseils Ă©voquĂ©s plus haut voici ce que je peux vous dire :

1- Le problĂšme de Pimax :

Pimax à de sérieuses difficultés à cause de la barriÚre de la langue.

En d’autres termes si vous voulez comprendre ce qui leur arrive c’est Ă  peu de chose prĂšs ce qui vous arrive lorsque vous lisez du chinois. Lorsque pimax lis vos noms, prĂ©noms et adresse c’est comme lorsque vous essayez de lire ça : ç„äœ ć„œèżă€‚

Nous n’avons mĂȘme pas en commun le mĂȘme alphabet ni les mĂȘmes formes de caractĂšres. De mĂȘme une simple erreur d’accent dans un mot ne change rien pour nous mais dans leur Ă©criture le moindre trait est essentiel Ă  la comprĂ©hension globale d’un mot. AprĂšs ça essayez de vous imaginer un service d’expĂ©dition dĂ©bordĂ© qui doit savoir quelle est la diffĂ©rence entre votre adresse, votre nom, la nature de votre rĂ©clamation ou vos impressions sur le temps qu’il fait :slight_smile:

2- La solution que vous pouvez mettre en Ɠuvre :

Si vous voulez avoir une chance d’ĂȘtre entendu crĂ©ez un compte Ă  cette adresse :

C’est celle ou vous aurez le plus de chance d’avoir une rĂ©ponse. Faites des phrases trĂšs courte pour expliquer ce que vous voulez. Ne racontez pas votre vie ce sera du chinois que les gens de Pimax n’auront pas le temps de lire et qui sera source d’erreur pour eux.

Présentez les informations sous ce format (Et bien sur en Anglais):

Short and concise complaint.

Name :

Headset version :

Address :

City :

Region :

Country :

Postal code :

Phone number :

Email address :

AprĂšs cela attendez un dĂ©lai d’au moins quatre jours entre chaque relance. Restez toujours concis.

VoilĂ  j’espĂšre que ce conseil vous sera utile. Je suis maintenant dans la nouvelle catĂ©gorie privilĂ©giĂ©e de ceux qui n’attendent plus que les stations de base et les contrĂŽleurs pour pouvoir enfin profiter de leur achat. Pimax est une entreprise qui a du potentiel. J’espĂšre qu’elle parviendra a amĂ©liorer
sa procĂ©dure. Je plaide que nous lui laissions sa chance d’y parvenir.


I’m glad that you got your device and keeping it simple is good advice. Hopefully the pre order and backer hmd delivery saga will come to an end soon.

Me Tarzan, you Jane.


The language barrier should NOT be an issue
i mean if you intend of doing business on a GLOBAL scale, the least as a company is to hire people which speak and understand the must used language in the world (English), i’m a french Canadian so English is not my native language.


Nice. I assume Region is the State or Province you live in?

Also while this should not be a problem I am very sure it is as even in the forums here you can see some of the official Pimax people are having trouble in their basic communications with us, you see this also in the emails people have shared here.

This should be stickied.


Yeah the language barrier is a major issue still. At first it bothered me a little, then I accepted it, then it absolutely infuriated me and again I accepted it. Working through a carry over of my 3rd SUPEN since February but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

In Pimax’s defense I tend to over explain things in great detail. It’s something I’ve grown more and more accustomed to with my job to cover my company and my own butt. When I haven’t been thorough I’ve regretted it. I remember being on vacation in a small town in Italy in 2010 and my wife pushed me out of the way because I was considering the heck out of restaurant owner who spoke little English and was confused at my ordering lol.

It’ll all work out in the end and I’ll be able to join you all in experiencing wide FOV VR gaming.


Hi cal.

Yes i think that regions are states if you live in USA and regions in other countries like France for example.


Hi municipalblack.

It is a funny anecdote :slight_smile:


Hi Porskyboy.

I understand


It’s a quality of being able to rejoice in the happiness of others. I wish you the best.


Hello Cal! Yeah you’re right here it’s called a province, so i’m in the province of Quebec, so the official language here is Canadian french! :wink: Where are you from?


You haven’t resolved your issue since last February?? That’s absurd, they take around 24 hours to get your money but then
well enjoy emptiness
in my case i cancelled my order since i don’t have enough patience regarding professionalism, in this case the exact opposite!

Wish you the best!


I barely chased it for quite a while and my situation was more unique as well. Plus without controllers and basestations my HMD won’t see much use. All in good time.


@PORSKYBOY I’m from Qc too.


Help please for the Swiss region I have to put what? a Swiss man can he help me, I dare to fill my second comfirmation order 


Pour vrai!? Bon good lol

T’as commandĂ© quoi comme headset? J’avais commandĂ© un 5k plus XR mais aprĂšs 10 jours a attendre que ça bouge, j’ai cancellé sont vraiment trop slow.


J’voulais un 5k+ mais j’ai decider d’attendre du au casing qui crack, je vais faire mon choix plus tard dans l’annee.

Je veux monter un ordi pour VR pis j’attends pour voir les ryzen 3600x/3700x.


Ok ok ouais ca d’lair ca bouffe en maudit des ressources system le pimax, j’ai une 1080ti pis ca d’lair c’est le minimum, va falloir je change ma carte et processeur un i7 7700k c’est pas assez non +.

Comme toi, hello les depenses!