So what do I do now?



Lucky’s Tale is also cute and free (if you have a gamepad).


Play normal
games with Vorpx on virtual desktop in 3D


Polybius (on Steam) is a fast-paced tunnel shooter, created by one of the authors of Tempest (an old-time arcade game). It has a VR option and you can play it with a gamepad.

I’ve played it, but not yet in VR. I’m still waiting on my headset.


I like the look at the poor man’s mod. Not expensive at all and would be better than the standard strap. Wish there was a way to take my lenovo strap off and use that on it but don’t think that’s possible.


I like the look at the poor man’s mod. Not expensive at all and would be better than the standard strap. Wish there was a way to take my lenovo strap off and use that on it but don’t think that’s possible.


I hope you’ll find a way to make your hmd as comfortable as possible.

The poor man’s mod should just take a few minutes, most people run with the DAS and either wing it or add 3d printed parts to connect it.

My own mod will probably turn out like the face shield mod, just not as good.
After giving it some though, I’ve come to believe there is just so much you can do with a flexible strap.
It’s basically just prevents the hmd from sliding off of your face and it has the weigth rest on your facial structure.


I thought about the DAS but it’s more money and I’ve spent a packet already lol so will try the poor mans mod. The lenovo strap is honestly the best one I’ve tried. I’m going to put my thinking cap on and see if I can sort something out with it as well


Good luck, would be cool to see another mod. I’d be careful with the explorer, it can’t be compared to the Pimax but it’s also good and you can never have too many hmds around. :smile:


The explorer was my second HMD. A great little unit and like I said the headstrap should be standard for all headsets. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything worthwhile


I’ve managed to get my hands on a broken Dell visor Headset. Going to see if I can doing something with the headstrap and put it on my Pimax


Hi, Shangelus, I have no basestation as well, and I didn’t buy it because I don’t need it at all. Pimax 5K+ is my favorite 3D movie viewer and the best 180 degree 3D video viewer. If you search for some 180 degree videos online, you will know what I mean. :wink:
I have a PC with Ryzen 2600 and GTX1080, but I don’t play games with it most of the time. Youtube VR and DeoVR are my favorite apps. Try them and you will see.
No controller? No problem, just Google the “Virtual Controller” and you can have a virtual XBox controller to use with DeoVR.
No lighthouse? No problem, just uncheck the “Turn on lighthouse tracking” in “PiTool --> Settings --> HMD”. You still have the head tracking, good enough to watch the videos.
Oh, btw, don’t forget to turn off the “head tracking” in DeoVR, this way you can zoom in and zoom out a 3D video. You will feel like watching it in a big cinema.


Fantastic. Thank you for all that info. I will give all that a go


I’ve used an old HP wmr headstrap , the flip up mechanism is held inside the top strap housing of the pimax , it needed elastic straps on the sides , headphones are a botched job but work remarkably well , also I have put some steel plate offcut on the back near the adjustment knob as a counter balance , It wears like a heavy baseball cap but perfectly balanced , and the front flips up to swig my lager
very comfy .

Oh and extra padding on the front and sides as required to stop any wobble ( I had to do that to vive pro headset too )


Virtual Desktop isn’t too bad and you can play games on that as well. Seems Vorpx is suited for big screen stuff too. Not much going for their VR adaptation of DX11 games.

Red Orchestra 2.0 is a hoot on big screen as is Killing Floor.

You can also play sims - Il2, DCS, Fly (I think), Elite Dangerous, Assetto Corsa, … - you get the idea. Just map a button on your joystick or steering wheel for re-centering your view. Gyros tend to wander a little.


Pls Pimax, try to finish controller/lighthouse support asap. Even before Q3, 2019! I have a Rift and Pimax, O just don’t to buy an original Vive set just to enable 6dof. So many pledgers need Pimax version of knuckles controllers and Vive 2 sensors.


The lighthouses are being made by a third party (Valve?), so that’s out of Pimax’s control. The controllers need to be expedited, but are incompatible (iirc) with version 1 lighthouses, so cannot be realistically delivered before version 2 lighthouses are available.

There are important accessories we also need asap, like the prescription lens holder (for those who wear glasses) and the deluxe headstrap with earphones.


It’s the other way around - V2 controllers will work with V1 basestations, but V1 controllers will not work with V2 basestations.


Thanks for the clarification!


Love it. I will post a pic of mine if and when I can get the Dell visor headstrap attached


The clips that unscrew and hold the headband springs to the windows hmd are in 2 halves , I just replaced them onto the headband and wrapped them with electrical tape until I had a loose fit in the pimax top strap housing and then held it with a cable tie , This allows the headband to take the weight of the pimax and the 2 soft elastic straps hold it against the face , easy to take on and off without having to adjust the crown size knob each time .
It looked tidy until I added the headphones