Sold my Pimax 5k+ buyer has a service claim



Is it okay to provide my backer number so they can file the claim? I want to help them to get what they paid for, but I also don’t want to lose my stretch goals if they can somehow claim my backer number once i provide it? I only sold the HMD, not the rights to the future stretch goal deliveries.



@mozi hi any update on this?


Interesting situation


interesting situation :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Answer is simple. Do the return for the guy. Nobody allows warranty transfer


I would advise the buyer to file a SUPEN ticket :smirk:


i’d appreciate an official response from Pimax before i provide my backer #


Actually why would the buyer need you backer number? Should the headset have a warranty anyway?


Actually, I once sold a TV with a year or two of warranty remaining. The original store had a knowledgebase that told me I could transfer my warranty to someone else by scanning the receipt and emailing it with my details and the details of the 2nd hand buyer, and advising them to transfer the warranty over to the buyer.

Kinda off-topic, but it is sometimes possible to officially transfer a warranty to another person.


from my opinion,you can’t transfer the warranty, but for Pimax backer, we can provide such a special policy.


Can this be read as confirmation that all backer units will be extended the same courtesy (eg, for other users who acquired theirs from a backer.)?


Then you are not allowed to sell things to European. Every factory have to give 12 Month warranty.
it doesn t matter if it is second hand. I think Pimax will have a lot of fun if they open a office in Europe …


Its 24month in EU. tralala


Thanks for your remind!


we would post a formal announcements


Backer / pre order have 1 year warranty, right?
But is that on the date when you bought the item or on the delivery date.
because that’s kinda unfair for the amount of time you have to wait.

Not angry of anything but just pointing out witch one STARS at counting Order date or date of delivery.


That’s where is Evga? And companies that offer lifetime warrentirs on Ram are best. That or 3tdparty store warrenties are nice.


@mozi thank you. this was my understanding all along or else I would not have sold it.

do they need my backer number to file a warranty claim? and if I give my backer number and they have the headset, can they take my stretch goals? I only sold the headset, not the stretch goals, so I’m worried about sharing my backer number.


Sorry for late response. you don’t need to give your back number for the warranty.


okay great thank you.