[Solved]My 5K+ has yaw drift issue


My 5k+ has yaw drift issue.
It continuously drift to right(clock-wise).
It is too bad to play the game.
I can’t figure out what is problem.
Please, help me.

PiTool: V1.0.1.90
Headset: V2.1.255.147

@Pimax-Support. @Sean.Huang @Matthew.Xu


Have you tried Horizontal Calibration?


Yes. I did it couple of times. And room setup.


Try setting up with headset facing magnetic north.

Added pokes to pimax team members but alsi an idea to send mail to support desk as well. Beleive banner topic has links.

Are you like me with out LHes?

Bumped your user level. Using display mirror in steamvr using it’s center (z key i think) may help as well.


Ok, I’ll try that. I appreciate your help.


I think the horizontal calibration is if the view is tilted… And it calibrates the horizon plain. You will find the magnetic calibration is the one that does the drift


Has the issue been solved?


Yes. The issue has been solved.


Thank you @Heliosurge.
I tried to find the magnetic north by your advice.
But I found shocking phenomenon that magnetic north of compass app in my phone was continuously moving!
After some test, I found that caused by woofer. So I moved it to under the desk from over.
And problem was solved. Thank you again Heliosurge.


Awesome glad to hear it’s been resolved & gives us more debugging info! Thanks for the share! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


It happened again.
This image recorded during 1 minute. Each frame takes 1 sec.
Tech supporter responded it can be happened when I use headset without LH.
But I don’t have LH. Is there any way I can use without LH?


Try opening steamvr and then choose display mirror. Click in the mirror window, look straight ahead and then press Z for centering.

Now start your game… It’s how I center on the pimax 4k


After that recenter, screen continuously rotating like animation above.


did you do it while game was closed? or was it running?


For what it’s worth, I could never even get through the magnetometer calibration procedure, myself, back with my old Oculus Rift DK1, no matter how much I fiddled with magnetic and ferrous stuff in my environment. 'Guess maybe I’m just “unfortunately situated”, geologically… :7


Tip for magnetic calibration… Don’t wear the headset while doing it… Also exagererte the motions… Search on youtube for pimax magnetic calibration as they have a video demo on how to do it properly.



Yesterday, I visited the meet up to discuss with engineers and they confirmed my issue. Even though they couldn’t solved the issue but were really kind and professional. So they decided to take my headset to Shanghai. Now I’m waiting for good news. I’ll post if issue is solved.


Replacement has been arrived. The new one has no more issue.
Thank you. PIMAX~!

From first to end, @Doman.Chen had helped me a lot.
He counseled me at Korea. But not only that, he kept in touch me with message and let me know the status.
I want to thank you~! @Doman.Chen.