[Solved] - Nolo - No controleur in front of me



Hello there,

get a probléme, hope someone can help me to fix it

the controlleur are not in front of me :slight_smile:
i made a video to see the problém :

what do u think do u know how reset the position of controleur to get in front me, when i m using psmove,i take the psmove front of me and push the 2 button and the controlleur get front of me but not working with Nolo, do u have information about this problem please


hello there,
i found solution here :

So to resume :

### Q: How to calibrate the controller orientation?

A: Please refer to the following steps:
Step 1. Stand facing base station, the distance between base station and the player should be at least 2m (with no block in the middle);
Step 2. With headset marker and controllers facing base station,
double-click system button on each controller respectively.