[Solved] Some trick to activate the Pimax?


Well, basically said i kinda face a simple Problem every Day. I cannot “activate” my Pimax when being in Pimax Mode.
The Pimax is fully recognized but the Device dosent actually start (switches the LED to Blue).
A Workaround is switching to Video Mode and then switching back to Pimax Mode, but by Grafics Driver dosent like it that much and crashes sometimes.
Starting SteamVR, a Video or any VR Game dosent activate the Device.
Does someone nows a Trick or tiny Programm that can activate it?

Ime using Software Version 2.0.7.X on Win 10 64



Try this latest version please.


newer than .91?

I use pimax 5k+


Yea it works now, seems the 3.0 got fixed.




For 5K&8K we suggest to use Pitool.
Piplay is for 4K only.


Doman have the team had a chance to look into NoloVR update & fix compatability?


Yes,the team is on the way.


We wait for compatibility…