SOLVED)SUPEN-4502 where's my money



I am waiting for my RMA delivery fee for 3 weeks.
Huang and Derek said they sent me the fee via Paypal twice but still received nothing.
Also I want tracking number of my new headset. It has been two weeks since they sent me one.

P.S. Hope I could get improved one written on progress update :joy:


Please send me a DM and I will take care of it first thing tomorrow morning when the support staff in China is up and running again!



I’m in the same boat as above. And its been months.

Not only did I have to pay shippjng, but pimax also fumbled the declaration so was hit with another VAT charge on the package.
So getting my DOA HMD replaced took me 4 months and cost me over $100.

I havent bothered push this mu h cause quite frankly I’m dissapointed by pimax’s product and conduct here its laughable.


@Bob_Bushman Could you please send me a direct message here and I will have a look at your case and make things happen!