Some Truthful Answers Please


@Robin Weng Could you please give us some honest answer’s on the following question’s as they are either being evaded or your staff do not know the answer’s.

At a rough guess you have sent or have a thousand HMD’s in warehouse ,how are you going to fill the remaining backers orders a further 4000 in 6 weeks with the Chinese holidays in February
and pre orders starting ???
Please advise current status on Light towers as really essential for people who backed package ?
What is being done about head strap with earphones are you manufacturing or third party and status please ?
Finally status of hand controllers ?
Would really appreciate truthful replies as Pimax reputation is pretty low at the moment in that regard even if there is unforeseen problems backers will understand if told truthfully.

Basestation update please

Putting the same question in twice under 2 headings is stupid, the UK ones are shipping got my number today.


Maybe I will get an answer on one of them!


no, its simply spamming, search for netiquette and try to understand…

the questions you have are anyhow just one of numerous repetitive actions of the many forum members. Since Pimax has some record in over promising in terms of future progress it’s pointless to ask for more precise information when Pimax already made a graphics a few weeks ago how they planned things. Lighthouses is not really under their control, as long as these won’t show up at HTC either, simply don’t ask, again pointless.